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When life is hard

When life is hard

Nobody would be blamed if they felt like giving up when the going gets tough. Everybody has that feeling at least once in their life – I can’t do this any more. I want to give up.

It doesn’t matter what the situation is. Just look at what is happening right now and accept what is going on. We live in our heads a lot of the time and trust me your mind can make you think a lot of crazy things. Our minds like to have control of everything and if we don’t have that control we start screaming inside, in the same way as children scream if we don’t give them what they want.

The problem begins when we start listening to the screaming in our heads and we believe what our mind is saying. So why do you don’t look around with a clear mind and acknowledge what you have achieved already. The danger is that your mind is trying to convince you that you are a loser and an unworthy person.

Very often when we try new stuff it takes courage, patience and discipline. Everybody has all of this but it is so much easier to just give up. For example, it’s easier to sleep longer, go for a drink with friend or watch a movie. It is easy to give up when we a hundred rejections when applying for jobs.

In moments when things are hard it’s nice if you have supportive people around who will tell you how well you’re doing. If you don’t have the support of other people take time and look for stuff that you do well and say thanks to yourself and appreciate what you do. I love taking a piece of paper and writing down my appreciation for myself in this way I see it clearly when I have written down those thoughts. It helps me to keep those good thoughts together when they’re written down. In this way they don’t get lost in my internal dialogue.

When I have made a list of things that I do well I just sit with that and appreciate it. Afterwards I look at my situation and just accept what it is. When I have done this I often find a solution of how to carry on.

Let it go

Let it go


I was looking after a one-year-old boy one day and became fascinated in the way he got over everything. All at once I wished that I had that same talent. But I soon realised that we are all born with that ability to get over things. It’s just that as we grow up we start to worry when we’re told how we should live our lives and in doing so we forget how to let the bad stuff go.


When I watched this little boy I was fascinated. He cried straight away when he hurt himself but then he didn’t carry on crying and soon he was acting as if nothing had happened. He was easily able to let himself be distracted. For him life was exciting and good again.


As we grow up we start to hold on to bad stuff that happens to us. Often before we go to sleep we think about the things that went wrong that day. You will find it easy to think about that one thing that went wrong and focus on it. But try looking at the many more things that were good in your day and that you had taken for granted.


How many things did go well? For example, you had breakfast, you drove safely to work and then a colleage gave you some positive feedback. Someone else smiled at you. We tend to pass these things by without acknowledging them.


When you start practising gratitude and see the effect this has on you then you start to see more good things about each day. In the same way that you easily forget about this good stuff, try to learn how to let go of the bad stuff. Everybody has a different way of doing this so try to find your way of making it happen.


If we let go of the bad things from the past how much better will life look then?

Interruption of form

Interruption of form
Another form of guilt in this world is karma. It is expressed in many religions and cultures, and can be summarised in one sentence: “What you do to others will be done to you.” Accept that karma exists and that it can be an expression: we ourselves are the creators of our own reality. This is not punishment, it’s a gift. Karma is composed of intent, which is behind the event, not the event itself. If we do something with a good intention and not based on what we learn from experience, it’s not karma.
But if we are doing something that appears to be positive, but it has a negative intention, it will be a karmic reaction that leads us into a situation where we are faced with what we have done to others. The reason for what is positive and negative intent creates different thought patterns and thus attracts a different reality. But there are two points for creating karma. One that is often presented as a punishment, and people feel guilty when negative things happen, because after all it must be the result of something they did wrong. And the second is to everything that happens to us to explain as our ‘karma’ (how we behaved in the past). This is a simple way of looking at karma but its confusing.
In this period of astounding spiritual, and physical transformation, many people go through extreme experiences, both negative and positive. It is not at all “karmic” experience. They are arranged for our opportunity for deprogramming. These experiences can be a long-lasting friendship or loss of job, illness or our life can be all upside down in all directions. Whatever we choose to create in the light of these events, one thing is certain they are providing such a massive opportunity for change.
Colossal spiritual awakening is the beginning of the disaster, which it starts. It’s not our “karma”, but the opportunity to get out of the prison of thought control. When one lives comfortably and pleasantly in the same thought patterns, it is hard to stand back and change it. Sometimes it is a coup necessary for the performance of our opportunities. At that time, when it happens, it’s bad for most people, but from a distance its considered a gift and not a punishment. Energy codes in our consciousness are running, often with astrological influences and make changes in our magnetic aura and in our physical lives. It’s especially now during the Great Transformation.
This process is called breaking our thought patterns. But we are also affected by others, collective formula, and also when we open ourselves to higher frequencies. Some people ask why they have such a hard life. Some people accept the negative energy of others and transform them into another, higher state. Others may feel depressed, frustrated and irate. It’s a collective process of breaking patterns and negative energy. It’s a very positive contribution. But people who do not see it as a gift they feel let down. But there is much we do not understand and only when we stop condemning ourselves, we will be able to release our feelings of guilt and fear.