Monthly Archive January 2018


When: Daily for 5 to 10minutes. If you are a walker already don’t hesitate to extend this time.
Why: Movement is one of the important things that you can do for your physical and psychological health. Walking is a great way to move plus to be outside in the fresh air. If you already exercise, look on this time as a bonus. You can walk before exercising instead of warming up or walk at a different time of day. Moreover, it’s a great way to release stress, to find time for ourselves or spend good time with family.
How: Choose the time when you like to walk.
Commit just for the time you are capable of making.
Focus on getting out the door – it’s important to start.
If you feel like it later on, extend the time you walk.
A good way to enjoy walking is when someone w.hose company you like joins you. It will encourage you to go walking if you promise each other you will do it together and you know someone is waiting for you. Plus you can motivate each other when one of you wants to give up.

The present moment

When: NOW, NOW and NOW
Why: Being in the present moment helps you to be focused on yourself and your life bringing you closer to yourself and to your feelings.
How: Concentrate on your body, starting the same way as if you are meditating and breathing in to yourself.
You just carry on with every task in the same way.
It’s good to start with an easy task you can do on autopilot, like walking, slicing bread, making a cup of tea…
Don’t punish yourself if you can’t do it. Just practise as often as you can. It sounds easy but it’s a lifetime journey. ☺



When: Start the day with a smile and carry on smiling all day.

Why: A smile is a very powerful remedy for everything. If you smile to yourself each morning in the mirror the day starts out in the right direction. At anytime you can just remind yourself to SMILE. It is more powerful when you smile at others. A smile brings joy to a minimum two people, to you and the other person.

Have you ever felt down and someone has given you a gentle smile? Did it bring you hope? Did you feel better? You can do the same for yourself if you feel down. Science has already proved that if we smile our brain soon thinks we are happy and starts to produce the hormone needed to feel good.

How: Just smile. Use the mirror to see yourself.

Smile at others. It’s very beneficial for everyone and hopefully you will start a smile epidemic.

Do things that make you smile.

Have pictures around you that bring a smile to your face.