Monthly Archive February 2018


When: Every time you eat.

Why: Food is important to us. We say that you are what you eat. I’m not talking about what we eat but how you eat. It actually starts before we eat. When you start to feel hungry do you ask yourself what do you feel like? Or do you just grab what you have prepared or what is close to you?

If we tune into our food and prepare ourselves for it, it’s a very different sort of enjoyment. I’m sure you know what I mean.   For example, if you go to a restaurant with good company and order food you choose what you want. You will be feeling relaxed and after waiting for your food you will probably be excited about your meal. And when you get it and eat you are having a good time at the same time with your friends.

How: Tune into your body about what you feel like eating.

Prepare food with joy.

Make a nice and relaxed space where you like to eat.

Be grateful for your meal.

Eat consciously.

Eat slowly with passion. Enjoy every mouthful. Chew food properly. This way you make it easy to digest your food plus you’ll find it has more flavour.

Drink water with your food.

If you have a partner, family or flatmates it’s nice to make time to eat together. Eating together brings a nice connection and joy.


Forgive yourself

When: Now and at any time in the future. Make time for yourself when you can forgive ‘you’.

Why: We can be very tough on ourselves. We are often nice to others so why can’t we be like that to ourselves? Often we do nice stuff for others but not so often for us. For example, you buy a present for someone but how often do you buy a present for yourself? You forgive someone if they did something bad but often you are not so forgiving to yourself. Plus how often when you are talking to yourself internally do you say to yourself, “I’m amazed. Well done.” More often we beat ourselves up for what ever.

How: Find a quiet place and if you are an esthetical person choose a nice place too.

Quieten yourself down and write down every negative thought about yourself. If you have something that you don’t like about yourself write it down. For example, I’m a bad speaker. I’m ugly. I broke some glass…

Take responsibility for this behaviour and let go of negative thoughts (I know it’s easy to say but harder to do).

Say to your self “I’m sorry” and experience how it feels inside yourself.

Look at how you like it if someone forgives you and how easily you accept that forgiveness, for example, in writing, in words, with a hug, with a gift or by spending time with them.   Whatever it is you like or appreciate the most from others do the same for yourself.

Repeat as often as you need, some things take longer. It’s not enough to forgive yourself just once. With some issues it’s an ongoing process. For example if I break a glass I can forgive myself for that one incident and that’s enough. But if   I’ve been in a bad relationship there’s no need to beat myself up about it for ever. It’s important to forgive myself over time. Forgiveness will get easier as time passes.

Appreciate any small amount of relief you can give yourself and be proud of yourself. Don’t beat yourself up if you’re not able to forgive yourself once or twice.

Imagine a bird flying away with the issue you are struggling with allowing you to to be released from your burden.