Monthly Archive March 2018

The importance of good sleeping habits

When: ideally from 10pm and in the afternoon

Why: Good sleep helps our body and brain to recover. Scientists have proved that the best time for our brain to rest is between 10pm to 12am and for total recovery we need a good six hours of sleep. They have found out that women should sleep more too. That is what scientists say but we all have an idea of how much sleep we need to feel good the next day. If we sleep less than that we are tired and if we sleep too much we are tired too plus we can feel if as if someone has hit us over the head. An afternoon nap is very good to recharge ourselves.

How: Find out how many hours of sleep you need.

Work out a regular schedule for sleeping. For example, every day go to sleep at 10pm and wake up at 5am.

Make sure that an hour before bed you slow down and just do pleasant things so you are relaxing and ready to sleep.

Before sleep just think about positive things.

If you don’t wake by yourself, set an alarm for the morning.

Wake up and go to the new day.

It’s good to have an afternoon nap for 20 minutes so find time in your day and just close your eyes and relax for 20 minutes.

You will soon see how different your days will be.



Take yourself on a date

When: Once a month is ideal.
Why: When you take yourself out for a date you are saying to your self I LOVE MYSELF. That’s a very powerful message for your self-esteem. On your own you can do what you like. You don’t need to have a partner or you can do what your partner doesn’t enjoy so much.
How: Make a day and time in your diary.
Make plans the same as if you are going on a date with someone when you like to be perfect. You are worth it.
Book a place, look at what is on at the cinema. Make a plan for anything you like doing.
On That Day prepare yourself the same as if you are going on a date with someone else. Take a bath, dress nicely, put on perfume …
Go out with yourself and enjoy yourself, don’t stay nhome. Go out.


What do I do?

Find a nice quiet place. Sit down and concentrate on your breathing for about two minutes.


Meditation is a way to find out how we’re feeling and to build self confidence. That’s helpful in every area of our lives. Plus we learn how to live in the moment. If we sit down quietly and stop all the information that’s coming at us we can more easily find answers to our problems.

How do I do this?

Promise yourself that you will connect with yourself in this way every day for two minutes. You choose the time when (morning or evening), whenever it suits you.

Sit down and feel comfortable.

Start just breathing and watch what happens.