Monthly Archive October 2018

How we can help to care for our feminine parts

In the past many cultures have had lots of ways of looking after a woman’s yoni.

How do you clean your vagina?


Take a cucumber and peal off the skin. Then insert the cucumber inside your vagina and move it around. That helps to clean your vagina.


You can use garlic when you have a yeast infection or feel some internal discomfort.   Peal and cut a clove of garlic and place the garlic into your vagina. Leave for around 20 minutes.  If it starts to take on a burning sensation remove the garlic sooner. Garlic is a very good antibiotic.

Steamed herbs

Steamed herbs are regenerative. Boil herbs in water and leave with the lid on to keep the steam in.  Find something that you can sit on, for example, a low chair or the toilet. Put the boiled herbs into an uncovered bowl.  Cover yourself so you feel warm, position yourself comfortable above the bowl and let the steam go into your feminine parts for 15 minutes or more.

Yoni egg

Yoni eggs help you support your pelvic floor. They are made in different sizes and different materials. I prefer stone or glass but they are made in lots of sizes and material. It’s important to find what size is suitable for you. For beginners it’s a maximum of fifteen minutes is enough and if you feel comfortable you could extend this time for any amount of time. Another way of supporting your pelvic floor is by squeezing your pelvic muscles and holding them like this. You could try this, for example, when going to the toiled and stopping mid stream when urinating.