Tunisian Port El Kantaoui: infrastructure, recreation and entertainment

When there are few funds set aside, but you really want to relax by the sea sparkling with sunbeams, to join an unfamiliar culture, you can’t choose a better option than hospitable Tunisia in the north of the African continent. And the pride of the country is the modern resort resort of Port El Kantaoui, built at the end of the last century, with a beautiful harbor and extensive beaches with soft light sand. He deserves special attention.

Port El Kantaoui is a special tourist area located on the western coast of the Mediterranean Sea in Tunisia. The port is located north of the city of Sousse: 30 minutes from Monastir International Airport; 15 minutes from Enfidha International Airport; 10 minutes from the center of Sousse and the medina. The resort complex El Kantaoui (translated from the Tunisian “let everything go well”) was created in the 1980s at the initiative of the current president at that time. More than 300 hectares of land were allocated for construction. The port began to grow around an artificially created bay. Since then, its infrastructure, focused more on tourists, has been constantly developing. The city is located on the sides of a straight long road. Along the coast there are picturesque hotels of national architecture, on the other side of the highway there are many restaurants, shops, cafes, tour desks and amusement parks. In this resort, everything is adapted for tourists, it is impossible to see the real life of the inhabitants of Tunisia here.

There is also a green area of ​​the golf club with an area of ​​one and a half hundred hectares. These courses host international golf competitions. Anyone can practice for a fee. But even if you are not a passionate fan of this sport, the scenery is still impressive.

A considerable number of shops with souvenirs have settled in Port El Kantaoui, but it is more expensive here than in neighboring Sousse. There are grocery stores, Generale is especially popular with a variety of goods and inexpensive prices. You just need to remember that Muslims consider Friday to be sacred, and alcohol is not sold on this day.

How to get to Port El Kantaoui Your hotel is probably within walking distance of the port, look at the map:

From neighboring Sousse, the Noddy tourist train runs every hour. For a small fee, you can drive to Port El Kantaoui in 30-40 minutes.

Leisure Benefits The port area has many advantages: Sandy golden beaches of high quality, distinguished by their cleanliness and comfort. The sand is fine and pleasant. The beaches are not inferior to other famous resorts in Tunisia. The port is located exactly between two airports, which allows tourists not to worry about the road from the plane. Convenient map of the resort. All the central objects are located along the only road in the area, so it is simply impossible to get lost here. Developed infrastructure. Around the main tourist points there are a large number of cafes and restaurants, shops selling souvenirs and tour desks. Everything can be easily and quickly found without going far. Lots of entertainment. Lots of variety of hotels. Here you can find a place to stay for every budget and taste. Proximity to the big city of Sousse. It is possible to visit its sights, buy souvenirs and gifts for loved ones. In Sousse, you can see the life of Tunisians and look at the real Tunisia without embellishment. Hotels and beaches Here you can choose a hotel for rest for every taste and wealth. In three-star hotels, accommodation costs 45 – 60 dollars per day, an unpretentious tourist is waiting for modest service in them. There are very few hotels like this in the area. Five- and four-star hotels are more expensive, from 70 to 240 dollars. Each has its own thalassotherapy center, where vacationers can enjoy unique wellness treatments. The main hotels are located along the coast. Land near the port is very expensive, as this area is elite, so local hotels, despite their diversity, are not large. There are no tennis courts or playgrounds.

Decent five-star hotels that can be recommended in the Port El Kantaoui area: Concorde Green Park Palace and Iberostar Selection Kantaoui Bay . Check out hot deals. You can catch very good deals on good hotels:

No last minute tours to this country The climate on the coast is subtropical, so from mid-April to mid-November, vacationers soak up bright sunshine and bask in the rustle of waves. The swimming season lasts from June to October, in July and August the water warms up to 28 degrees at an air temperature of 32 degrees.

All hotels have their own beach, where tourists are provided with sun loungers, mattresses, umbrellas and towels. The beaches are wide, clean, with soft sand.

The sea is clear, calm, strong waves are rare on it. Vacationers on the beaches have access to all sea pleasures: you can rent a water bike, water skiing, explore the underwater kingdom in a glass bottom boat, fly over the waves on a paraglider, take a boat trip on a pirate ship.

Harbor of Port El Kantaoui (marina) The harbor decorates the city and gives it a romantic charm. The landmark for tourists is the wall of the ancient medina, reconstructed by the architect Olivier Clement Kakub.

The stone wall and the tower are modern buildings, like everything around.

All buildings are white and blue, as the architect’s idea is to imitate Sidi Bou Said. Narrow streets paved with stone and ancient arches immerse tourists in the 18th-19th centuries. Flowers are blooming around and date palms are growing. The port area evokes only pleasant emotions.

In the evenings, life is in full swing here. Large families of local residents and visiting tourists enjoy strolling along the cobbled pier.

Here in small shops and stalls you can buy sweets, ice cream and souvenirs. The environment is calm and friendly.

Along the perimeter of the harbor there are many shops selling souvenirs, Tunisian cosmetics, as well as leather and ceramics shops.

At the piers, yachts crowd and shake their masts, making Port El Kantaoui look like the French Riviera. Today, the harbor can accommodate more than 300 ships.

The port is intended exclusively for yachts, as large ships simply cannot pass here.

Restaurants and cafes in the harbor There are many restaurants and cafes scattered along the marina promenade, which offer a picturesque view of the bay, they offer guests both the usual pizza and Mediterranean dishes from fresh seafood.

Kantaoui Zoo For children in Port El Kantaoui, too, there will be entertainment. To the right of the entrance to the marina is a mini-zoo and a botanical garden. I would say, well, very mini.

Of the inhabitants, mostly birds. The Botanical Garden is represented by several types of semi-dried plants traditional for the area. But, since the cost of visiting is extremely low, it is quite possible to take a walk, especially if you are with kids.

Park with “singing fountains” Opposite the harbor is a small park with a musical fountain in the center. In the evenings, the fountain is illuminated.