10 most unusual and healthy fruits in Thailand

Warm sun, soft sand, turquoise sea – that’s why many tourists choose Thailand for vacation. However, Asian countries are also interesting for exotic cuisine, including tropical fruits. Tamarin, Pitahaya, Mangosteen – the names are not familiar to our ears, and even when you see the fruits themselves on the store counter, you can get confused – they look so exotic. But don’t be afraid to take risks and try new things.


A large fruit weighing several kilograms has a thick peel with large spikes, which occupies about a third of the entire fruit. Its delicate and amazing taste is combined with the specific smell of boiled onions and rotten eggs.

It is strictly forbidden to carry durian to a hotel and a plane – it is very difficult to get rid of an unpleasant smell. The content of potassium, magnesium and vitamin C in the fruit improves the condition of hair and skin, and also strengthens the nervous system.


It looks like a durian with brown-yellow or green-yellow skin with thorns. However, the spikes of the jackfruit are much smaller, and the sugary taste of its pulp is more reminiscent of a pear or melon. The fruit is unusually high-calorie, the content of carbohydrates in it is higher than in bread. Jackfruit fiber normalizes digestion, it is used for indigestion and even in the treatment of ulcers. Folic acid and magnesium strengthen the walls of blood vessels, copper and iron prevent anemia and normalize hormonal levels.


Small sweet fruit. It is covered with a thick purple shell, under which white juicy and tender flesh is hidden. In its taste, you can catch notes of grapes, strawberries and peach. The tropical fruit contains many vitamins, as well as natural antioxidants that help to remove toxins and have an antiviral and tonic effect. Mangosteen is recommended to use for the prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system.


In appearance, this fruit looks like a pink tennis ball with spikes. Behind the unusual peel is a white-transparent flesh. Inside the fruit contains a large bone. The high content of potassium and magnesium in the fruit reduces cholesterol levels, and the benefits of dietary fiber cannot be overestimated. After all, this fruit is perfect for dietary nutrition and normalization of the gastrointestinal tract.


A large fruit that looks like a small green or yellow squash. Orange juicy flesh has a sweet, but not cloying taste. Reminds me of a cross between boiled carrots and sweet melon. Papaya perfectly quenches thirst. Due to the large amount of vitamins, papaya helps prevent anemia and improves immunity. Vitamin A helps keep skin looking healthy and hair shiny.

passion fruit

The fruit, the size of a large plum, has a dense smooth shell of purple or yellow. The grainy flesh may seem unappetizing and slimy, but it has a unique taste and aroma. Passion fruit contains serotonin, which is called the hormone of joy – it reduces susceptibility to stress. In addition, the fruits of passion fruit relieve headaches, normalize sleep, relieve cramps and pain in the stomach.


This fruit is known as “dragon fruit”. From the bright pink skin, small green processes extend, resembling cone scales. White or pink flesh with black dots is hidden under the shell – these are edible small bones. The taste is similar to a combination of coconut, kiwi and strawberry. Minerals and trace elements improve the functioning of the immune system, and lipids in grains lower cholesterol. Thiamine has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the nervous system.


Only in Thailand does a sweet variety of this usually sour fruit grow. In appearance, tamarin looks like a mixture of pea pod and peanuts. Its taste is unusual even for exotic fruits and is similar to the taste of dried fruits – prunes and dried apricots. Fresh fruits are useful anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties. Eating tamarin fruits normalizes blood pressure and compensates for the lack of minerals in the body.


A light brown fruit about the size of a small walnut. Edible is tender and sweet white flesh under a hard shell. The fruit is rich in vitamin C and helps prevent beriberi. The tonic properties of longan help to cope with sleep disorders and chronic fatigue, it is a popular tonic. Substances contained in the pulp of longan help the liver.


A unique fruit with a bright appearance – the fruit is the size of a chicken egg covered with a red skin with green fluffy hairs. An oblong bone is hidden under the jelly-like pulp. It should not be eaten – it is toxic. The pulp of rambutan has a sweet taste with a slight sourness. A large amount of carbohydrates and trace elements has a good effect on the condition of the skin, helps to cleanse the body of toxins and lose weight.

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