Be a secret helper

Be a secret helper

When: once a month or any time you see the opportunity.

Why: Helping someone gives you a good feeling and helps the whole world. Any small kind deed helps the planet to go in a better direction. And if your help is performed anonymously it means so much more. First of all the person who has been helped doesn’t feel the need to do something in return. Then there’s a nice sense of mystery in the experience.  And you know you’re doing this from a true sense of honesty, because you don’t expect anything for it, even the THANK YOU word.

How: You can do a lot of stuff.  Just look around nearby where you live. You may have an older neighbour whose grass you can cut when they are away.

Leave some flour at the door for a woman neighbour.

Arrange for coffee to be delivered to your colleagues.

Provide dinner for someone who doesn’t have much money.

Give away some of your clothes.

I’m sure you will find something you can do from time to time.

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