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Do you live in the now?

How do you know if you live in the now or is a different time dimension?
If you are doing stuff and are thinking about other stuff or are doing things automatically you live in a different time. But when you concentrate on what you are doing you are living in the now. The ideal is not to plan how things will be or what to do. Lots of people say I need to plan and know what to do. For this I love the story about driving the car in the dark.
If you drive a car in the dark you don’t see too much in advance so you are reacting to the four meters you see ahead. When you don’t know the road at all you concentrate more. Normally we adjust the speed to the situation for a safe drive. We cant plan too much because we don’t know what will be beyond the for meters and at the same time we trust the road will be there. ( When we drive in the dark and it becomes lighter around us we start looking everywhere and we are more distracted from driving. )
So what is different about life and driving the car in the dark? Why don’t we trust that life will still be there when on the road in the dark we trust the road will be there. Has it ever happened in your life that life wasn’t there? I don’t think so.