Clean your Closets

Clean your Closets

When: This week and then every 3 months.

Why: Having a tidy place is good for us on so many levels. It relaxes our minds, we are more productive and it helps us to keep feeling positive.  When we go through our clothing and other possessions we find stuff that we forget we have. By having a sort out we can start using things again or give them away. You make space in your home and often we feel freed up mentally as well by doing this.

How: Choose one shelf or one closet.

Get three boxes or make three piles.

Take one thing at a time and ask yourself these two questions. When was the last time I used this? How important is it?

If you haven’t used it for a long time or it’s not functional put it in the box or pile for throwing out. If it’s something you have a personal attachment to you or you use once in a while put in the second ‘maybe’ box or pile.   What you use put in the third box or pile to keep. Then put that box or pile away back to where those items belong.

This way you should have a box or pile of things that you may keep.  (I recommend that you are very strict with the ‘maybe’ box and don’t keep more than half of that stuff.)

After doing this you have a box of stuff that you don’t need. Anything that’s broken put in the rubbish. You have options for the things you don’t want any more.  You can give to friends who will enjoy those things, sell them, put on a swap party with friends or give to charity.

If you are person who can’t throw stuff out ask a friend to go with you and throw things out after you’ve taken them from your home.

If you repeat this every three months you should keep your home in order, you will use everything and you will feel good about what you’ve done.

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