Let it go

Let it go

Let it go


I was looking after a one-year-old boy one day and became fascinated in the way he got over everything. All at once I wished that I had that same talent. But I soon realised that we are all born with that ability to get over things. It’s just that as we grow up we start to worry when we’re told how we should live our lives and in doing so we forget how to let the bad stuff go.


When I watched this little boy I was fascinated. He cried straight away when he hurt himself but then he didn’t carry on crying and soon he was acting as if nothing had happened. He was easily able to let himself be distracted. For him life was exciting and good again.


As we grow up we start to hold on to bad stuff that happens to us. Often before we go to sleep we think about the things that went wrong that day. You will find it easy to think about that one thing that went wrong and focus on it. But try looking at the many more things that were good in your day and that you had taken for granted.


How many things did go well? For example, you had breakfast, you drove safely to work and then a colleage gave you some positive feedback. Someone else smiled at you. We tend to pass these things by without acknowledging them.


When you start practising gratitude and see the effect this has on you then you start to see more good things about each day. In the same way that you easily forget about this good stuff, try to learn how to let go of the bad stuff. Everybody has a different way of doing this so try to find your way of making it happen.


If we let go of the bad things from the past how much better will life look then?

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