4 Best Ways To Discover New Music (Tried & Tested)

Vinyl Digging

The old-fashioned way of digging through crates of

The old-fashioned way of digging through crates of music at your local record store is, if you can believe it or not, still at an all-time high. There’s something exciting about finding new music at a shop, whether you pick up something random that feeds your muse, journey with a friend, or take recommendations from the employees. Vinyl record sales have found a resurgence over the last few years, and it’s a medium that will not go away anytime soon. This also means that up and coming artists will continue the trend of releasing their music on vinyl as well as submitting them to streaming platforms.


How to Find New Music on Amazon Music

Amazon Music logo
Amazon Music logo

While Amazon Music may be less popular than Spotify or Apple Music, (check out our Amazon Music vs Spotify comparison) it is also a great platform for finding new music. It comes with a prime and unlimited plan with more than 60 million songs in its catalog.

What’s more, it’s integrated with Alexa, so you can use voice commands to control your listening experience on the app. Amazon Music then relies on Alexa to remember your song preferences so the algorithm can come up with the best song recommendations for you.

When it comes to music discovery, Amazon Music lets you explore the platform by giving you access to new songs and artists straight from its home page. It’s also not intrusive, so if you don’t want to explore, you can just stick to your saved videos on the library tab.

While Amazon Music may not have an extended curated playlist, the algorithm creates mini-recommendations that could help you discover new music.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the features that can help you find new music:

Songs for You

The homepage includes music recommendations based on your past listening habits. This section is divided into Songs for You, Albums for You, Stations for You, and Playlists for you.

New releases

Head to Find and search for New releases. Here, you will find all the recently released songs, albums, and playlists, which you can sort by genre. You can check this page at least once a day to find something new.

Related artists

If you scroll down the profile page of your favorite artist, you will see a Related Artist section that helps you discover new artists. It displays other artists that have the same musical style as the one you selected.

Check out our comprehensive Amazon Music review to find out more about its additional features.

Music Publications

Magazines such as Pitchfork and Rolling Stone have

Magazines such as Pitchfork and Rolling Stone have long had a heavy influence on music discovery. Now, all of that information is updated daily online and is available at the swipe of a finger. What that means is you can always forage through some “Best New Artists” and “Best New Music” lists to contemplate what might fit your tastes best, then go find those acts on one of the streaming services listed above.

Jazz Music Archives

The Jazz Music Archive (JMA) is essentially a musi

The Jazz Music Archive (JMA) is essentially a music resource for all sorts of jazz artists, both early and modern—from Dixieland, Ragtime, and Swing to Afro-Cuban, Avant-Garde, and Bossa Nova. By perusing this site, you’ll be able to familiarise yourself with all these subgenres whilst keeping track of the newest jazz albums, artists, and commonly discussed forum topics where reviews are rife. 

Other Ways to Find New Music

Girl scrolling for new music
Girl scrolling for new music

While music streaming services may be the top option nowadays in finding new music, they’re not the only one. In fact, trying out other ways can help you find more music that may be outside what you’d normally listen to.

“An artist you like can pull its music catalog from the service. … The music isn’t yours forever.” — Andy Greene, Rolling Stone magazine

With that in mind, here are a few other ways to find new music:

Social media

You could discover new music on your timeline. Pay attention to artists that have a huge following on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook. They are likely to have gone viral for their talent. You can also check out the type of songs that your friends are sharing or recommending.

Live shows

Go to live shows or concerts where you don’t recognize the artists on the bill, or at least have one familiar artist so you can be drawn to the show. Look out for opening acts for your favorite band since there may be a good reason why they were included in the show.

Remember, having an open mind is the key to finding new music. Also, don’t forget to use Shazam. It’s an app that helps you identify the songs playing around you.


Last.fm is essentially a music nerd’s haven. As the world’s largest online music service, the site which was conceived in the United Kingdom way back in 2002 allows users to find out more about their favourite artists whilst getting music recommendations through a system called ‘Audioscrobbler.

On the homepage, the ‘Spiking Artists’ function shows you the artists that are trending globally on the site at the moment and introduces you to similar artists in just a single click.

Selecting a specific artist will allow you to latc

Selecting a specific artist will allow you to latch onto musicians that are homogenous to the ones you already like. This is a guaranteed way of finding music that you’re sure to be drawn to.

Alternatively, if you want to explore new artists that are not within your usual sphere of music, you’d be able to look up popular acts that can serve as your gateway or entry point into a certain genre. 

Audio Feature Filtering

looks at waveform layers of individual tracks and

looks at waveform layers of individual tracks and compares and contrasts the audio imaging. There’s a lot of techno magic going on here, but basically, algorithms analyze similarities in song’s key, tempo, loudness, or time signature to recommend tracks that match that waveform analysis. It will find songs that are sonically similar to what you already like. Some may find this super cool and helpful, but maybe not if you are looking for diversity in your library!


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