Americans are rushing to buy flamethrowers before they become illegal

Are flamethrowers a war crime?

A Browning . 50 caliber Machine Gun is entirely legal, but simply shaving a side of a bullet is a war crime. Incendiary grenades are banned, but (and it’s very explicitly stated) a flamethrower was permitted and often used during the Vietnam War.

What is the History of Flamethrowers?

As pointed out by Wikipedia, throwing fire at people to cause harm has been around for a long time. It all started with Greek fire. Then the people figured out a way to shoot that Greek fire out into a crowd.

In modern times, they were quite useful during world wars. There is nothing like a fire bearing down on you to scare you. Flamethrowers are psychological weapons that can also leave nasty scars. Considering the combustible nature of the fluids and gases in a flamethrower, they are also dangerous to the user.

There are basically two types of flamethrowers: “stage fire” flamethrowers and military-grade. Military-grade sprays hydrogen and gelatinized fuel. The fuel can land on something and continue to burn. This is why it was good as a weapon. “Stage fire” flamethrowers shoot out a flame significantly cooler than military-grade. The fire is also not designed to stick.

There are also flamethrowers made from lighters and hairspray cans. However, those are very dangerous as the fire can enter the can and blow it up because hairspray provides its own oxygen for the flame. Don’t do it.


Are flamethrowers illegal in war?

They have been deemed of questionable effectiveness in modern combat. Despite some assertions, they are not generally banned, but as incendiary weapons they are subject to the usage prohibitions described under Protocol III of the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons.

What are Flamethrowers Used For?

Besides the previously mentioned use of a flamethrower as a weapon, there are other uses for a flamethrower. Deadly insects are hard to kill when they are in swarms. Flamethrowers can kill them quickly. This has been useful against angry bee swarms. Flamethrowers are also useful for clearing out brush and, ironically, making an area less susceptible to fire. They have also been used for clearing out snakes and getting rid of snow in city streets.

When did flamethrowers get banned in war?

However, in 1978 the DoD issued a directive effectively retiring flamethrowers from use in combat. Perhaps ironically, while automatic weapons including machine guns, as well as short barreled rifles/shotguns and other destructive devices, now all fall under the National Firearms Act of 1934, flamethrowers do not.

How illegal are flamethrowers?

That’s right: real flamethrowers are legal in California, assuming an aspiring owner is willing to jump through a regulatory hoop. In fact, flamethrowers are completely legal in 48 states; only Maryland bans them outright, and California is the only other state that imposes even minimal impediments to ownership.

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