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“Create a web app that calculates the distance (in nautical miles) between two airports. The app should auto- complete the airports and should feature all airports in the U.S. only. Bonus: plot the trip on Google maps.”


as the crow flies

informalFrom here to the village it’s five miles as the crow flies, but it’s a lot further by road.See also: crow, fliesFarlex Partner Idioms Dictionary © Farlex 2017

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how to run it

you can’t just open index.html because that messes up the JSON data fetching because of origins or whatever and i’m too lazy to have any kind of build process. so:

  1. have npm installed
  2. $ npx http-server
  3. navigate to localhost:8080 in you browser of choice

or if you have a favorite method of serving a local directory over HTTP, just do that

as the crow flies

By the most direct or shortest route. Since crows normally fly straight to their food supply, this simile came into use as the shortest distance between two points. It originated in the late eighteenth century or even earlier.See also: crow, fliesThe Dictionary of Clichés by Christine Ammer Copyright © 2013 by Christine Ammer