Can you die by hanging upside down for too long?


It looks dangerous to some extent. One question th

It looks dangerous to some extent. One question that comes from many people on this subject is on the safety of hanging upside down.

The answer is you could die from hanging upside down. The longer you stay inverted, you water down all the benefits of hanging upside down.

When your body is inverted, blood pressure increases, and this is dangerous. Since the head is flipped, the increased blood pressure could potentially cause a bloodvessel’s rupturing.

Once a blood vessel ruptures, you deal with haemorrhage and other brain conditions such as asphyxiation and lack of oxygen.

When you are hanging upside down, the lungs are under pressure to get oxygen, making breathing difficult. It could also affect how the heart works because blood pumping by the heart becomes harder.

This is a result of more blood flow towards the heart.

The hanging upside for long also affects your eyes due to increased pressure, thereby damaging your vision.

To do it correctly, avoid inversion therapy on tree and bars; use an inversion table as it has several levels of support.

Hang upside down for 30 seconds when you start, then increase gradually to between 1-3 minutes in the long run. Once your body can hold this, you can, in the future, have 10 to 20 minutes in the inversion table.

How Long Can You Safely Hang Upside Down? 

Now you know that there’s a safe way to hang upside down. You have to do it properly and within short periods only. First-timers have to learn the proper position and then do it for only 30 seconds to one minute. 

If you feel uncomfortable or sick within that time, you can stop it without waiting for the time to expire. The clue is to do it only when you don’t feel sick. You will defeat the benefits of body inversion if you get sick in the process.

Expert yogis can hold their inverted positions for 5 to 12 minutes; however, they have had enough practice to last that long. Don’t attempt to do body inversions without consulting your doctor and without proper instructions.

As I previously said, people with underlying illnesses can die when doing body inversions. So, if you’re not sure if you have a hidden disease, consult your doctor first and ask permission to do it.


Activities That Involve Hanging Upside Down

There are a lot of different ways you can fit inverting the head into regular play with your kids.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Hanging upside down from the couch
  • Children’s yoga
  • Hanging from the monkey bars
  • For younger children, you can set them on your lap facing you and hold their hands while you let them drop back upside down over your knees, and then pull them back up.
  • Lean backward over a large exercise ball.
  • Gymnastics and tumbling
  • Get an indoor trapeze bar – so your kiddo can hang upside down in the house (mounts onto door frame) as much as they like! (Seriously, this thing is AWESOME and will help save your sanity if you feel as crazy as I do when you watch your child leap and roll all over the sofa.)

Conclusion – How Long Can You Hang Upside Down?

The average person can hang upside down for a few seconds to a few minutes before they feel overly dizzy and nauseous. Through gradual practice, you could hang upside for longer without feeling too nauseous.

How long can you hang upside down before you die? It would likely take 1 or 2 days of hanging upside down before dying. The buildup of blood and liquid in the upper half of your body would cause asphyxiation (loss of breath). Organs that have been inverted for too long will also stop functioning.

There are no reports of someone dying because of a few minutes of hanging upside down. There are rare cases in which a person in Utah died because he was stuck upside down in a cave for 28 hours. But this is rare. 

So you can hang upside down safely for a few seconds or minutes. When you feel dizzy and uncomfortable, stop and resume your normal upright position.

There are benefits to hanging upside down, but you should consult your doctor first before attempting to do this unnatural position. Your health should always be your priority.