Can You Stop Neighbors From Playing Loud Music During the Day?

Final Thoughts: Should You Retaliate?

Finally, we only have one last question to answer. Should you retaliate when your neighbors are playing loud music?

With all due respect to Mr. Bean, revenge doesn’t really seem like the most productive solution. It would only negatively affect your relationship with your neighbors. Still, Mr. Bean certainly isn’t the only one who’s ever contemplated such methods.

The guy in the video below certainly put a lot of thought and effort into his revenge. As it happens, it ended up pretty similar to Mr. Bean’s! However, since the video is currently sitting at almost 3.5 million views on YouTube, there’s a chance that his neighbors have actually seen the evidence of his pettiness online. As gratifying as it is to see someone go through with their payback plans, I’m sure it did nothing to solve the underlying tension.

Hopefully, following the plan I’ve laid out above should stop the noise altogether. In the meantime, you can mask the music with white noise, earmuffs, and noise-canceling headphones.


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Condos Have Their Own Rules

Condominium associations present unique problems regarding excessive noise and loud music. Unlike an apartment building, a condo owner cannot be “evicted” quite as easily for playing loud music. The condominium owner has certain rights, and these rights include not being ejected from the condominium community without the condo association going through certain steps. Some cities, like New York City, have noise regulations that specifically apply to multi-unit, high density, residential buildings. Section 24-218 of the New York City Noise Code states the general prohibition that no person shall make any noise in excess of the permitted decibel levels within New York City, and specific provisions of the code apply to condominium and like-situated buildings. Section 24-243(b) says that in high-density buildings during the day, the noise level can be no greater than 65 decibels, and at night the noise level can be no greater than 55 decibels. Fifty-five decibels sounds like a a low-speed, low traffic, residential street.

Contact the local police or council

If mediation is unsuccessful and the noise problem persists, contact your local council. They can investigate your complaint and issue a nuisance order.

View list of NSW councils

Alternatively contact the local police station By phone: 131 444

The council and police have powers to deal with neighbourhood noise and can issue penalty notices of $200 to an individual.

What Can You Do if the Neighbors Keep Playing Loud Music During the Day?

Call the Police

Don’t be afraid to call the police to complain about your neighbors playing their music too loudly. If it is bothering you and preventing you from relaxing or working from home, then you might need some help to take care of the issue. Look up the noise laws in your area and see if the law is going to be on your side. You might be able to take care of this issue very swiftly.

Once you call the police, they’ll be able to send someone over to talk to your neighbors. After receiving too many complaints, your neighbors will eventually get into some serious trouble. Depending on the local laws, they could face fines or other types of punishment for disobeying the noise ordinances. Don’t hesitate to give the police a call if you feel that your neighbors are breaking the noise laws of your city or town.

Apartments Have Their Own Sets of Rules

It should also be noted that apartments have their own sets of rules. Many apartment complexes have very specific noise ordinances in place. Violating the rules of the apartment can lead to tenants being evicted. If you’re living in an apartment complex, then you should be able to call your apartment manager or landlord to discuss any violations.

This is a good way to deal with the problem of a noisy neighbor. You’ll be able to discuss things with the person in charge of your apartment complex. They can then intervene on your behalf and reprimand the neighbor who is being too loud. This should solve the problem and if it doesn’t, your neighbor will simply be evicted after too many offenses have occurred.

White Noise Generators

There is a chance that your city or town doesn’t have the right laws in place to help you. For instance, your neighbor could be playing their music at just the right level to be in compliance with the laws. If these noises are still bothering you, then you might want to take steps to drown them out. One of the most practical ways to do this is to purchase a white noise generator.

White noise generators produce simple background noises that help to drown out annoying sounds. If you purchase one of these, then you should be able to get through your day without being bugged by your neighbor’s music. This is an especially good idea if you work from home and need to be able to concentrate. Simply turning the white noise generator on should make it so that you don’t really hear your neighbor’s music any longer.

Earplugs and Noise-Canceling Headphones

Another possible solution is to purchase some earplugs, noise-canceling headphones, or these earmuffs for sleeping. These can be worn in or on your ears. They will get rid of outside noises so that you can enjoy some silence while you’re working or doing your chores. Of course, you won’t be able to hear much that is going on if you make use of these.

It might not be practical for everyone to buy noise-canceling headphones. If you need to listen for the phone during your day, then this might not be ideal. Even so, this is a good idea to consider if it will work for your situation. Keep it in mind if your neighbor’s music is really bothering you.

Install Soundproof Materials in Your Home

You could decide to soundproof your home in order to get rid of the noise problems as well. Soundproofing a house will cost some money but it’s a good way to solve your loud music issues. You could install acoustic sound-absorbing tiles, soundproof insulation, and many other things. If you truly value peace and quiet, then you might want to consider taking this action.

Depending on how much money you have to spend, this will either be practical or impossible. Consider how much it would cost to soundproof your home before proceeding. It isn’t incredibly costly to soundproof a home but it will require an investment. I know that not everyone has the cash to spend on a project such as this so just remember that you do have other options if this doesn’t sound ideal.

Consider Talking to the Neighbor

You could also consider talking to your neighbor about what is going on. Depending on the type of person that your neighbor is, this might be a good idea. If your neighbor is friendly and reasonable, then he or she might be willing to turn the music down or use headphones. If you’re going to go this route, just remember to be as cordial as possible.

You don’t want to come across as someone who is demanding. You’re going to get better results if you’re nice to your neighbors and treat them with respect. This will make them understand your plight better and you might be able to solve this loud music during the day issue. Remember that this might not be a practical idea if your neighbor doesn’t have the right temperament.

Avoid Lashing Out or Taking Revenge

It might be tempting to get really mad and try to take revenge on your neighbors. You might want to lash out at the neighbors and do something nasty for all of the annoyance that they’re causing you. This is a very bad idea and you need to be above this type of behavior. Everyone has moments of weakness and you might be very worked up over this but try to take a deep breath and calm down.

You have to deal with this situation as a responsible adult should. Use the above advice and call the police or try speaking to your neighbor calmly. If this doesn’t work, then you can always try to drown out the noise using a white noise generator or noise-canceling headphones. You have options and one of them should help you to solve the issue.

The Consequences of Playing Loud Music

We all enjoy playing music sometimes, because it helps keep our minds and souls relaxed, but there’s a downside to playing music loudly. It can have a negative impact on your health; for instance, by causing hearing loss that cannot be reversed. As mentioned above, playing loud music can even cause conflict between you and your neighbors.

Remedies for Noise Disturbances

There are other remedies available to you if your noise complaint is unsuccessful, and you’d rather avoid the hassle and expense of a lawsuit.

Soundproofing Your Home With Sun & Sound Windows

If you live in a home or apartment and are bothered by traffic and other environmental noise, you have another, more permanent, remedy. You can restore your peace and quiet with Sun & Sound soundproof window panels. Those panels soundproof your existing windows and insulate your home from the elements and outside noise.

Manufactured in Texas and with its newest service location in Nashville, Tennessee, Sun & Sound offers inserts that are custom made for any window. They are not replacement windows. Rather, they are laminated glass window treatments installed on the inside of the window opening, costing about half of regular soundproof windows.

They don’t affect the look of your home, and they offer more protection from noise than acrylic window inserts.

Apartment Soundproofing

If your apartment neighbors are playing loud music (or running noisy vehicles or lawn equipment), you can add soundproof apartment window inserts. Sun & Sound Windows offers customers who lease their homes a buy-back program. Install the window inserts for the term of the lease and then get an up-to-50-percent cost rebate.

Get Peace and Quiet Today

Whether your problem is apartment neighbors playing loud music or street noise, soundproofing your home of apartment can restore the quiet enjoyment and well-deserved peace and quiet of your home.

Contact us for a free quote or assistance and tell us how we can help.