DIY Cat Grass Planter (from an upcycled soda bottle)

Self-Watering Planters

For indoor gardeners who want to save water, the p

For indoor gardeners who want to save water, the planters are ideal. Their overflow system helps prevent root rot, which can destroy plants. The drainage holes at the bottom of the planter drains excess water and maintains plant health. The planters use exact water amounts, which reduces water waste. Some self-watering planters come with a moisture-wicking system, adding to their efficiency.

Self-watering planters provide your greenery with nutrients, food, and water. The slow release of these nutrients can help them thrive for three or four weeks.


23. DIY Plastic Bottle

Source: theelitehotel
There are many

Source: theelitehotel There are many ways you can arrange your plastic bottle gardens. You can plant a variety of flowers and herbs and combine them to create fantastic foliage patterns.  Areas such as your terrace, backyard wall, or even the porch are great places to have these arrangements.

DIY planter ideas from our kitchens

Our kitchens have a lot of planters in disguise!

Our kitchens have a lot of planters in disguise!

Vintage tea tins, colorful colander, misc cookware, and even coconut shells can all become planters!

11. DIY Plastic Bottle Planters

Increase the overall look of the garden with super

Increase the overall look of the garden with super cute and tiny soda plastic bottle planters. Reuse and recycle empty soda bottles for this green DIY project. Make this little pot more worthy by cutting it into two pieces. Plant the herbs in the upper part and put them in the other part in a downward position. In this way, there will be no mess of water and soil out of the vase. Enjoy spotless and easy crafting! instructables

How to make outdoor DIY planters from recycled tires

There are many ways to use rubber tires to make la

There are many ways to use rubber tires to make large planters for outdoors. You can  stack them up,  hang them in a tree, or cut them into  flower shape as a lotus planter.

Just a little fearless imagination, we have these

Just a little fearless imagination, we have these giant parrots made from tires! ( Images from, site no longer active ) See video tutorial below!

Step 6: Add Soil

Add soil to the top of the bottle.

This is the time to remind students the importance of good soil for plants. What does soil provide plants? Would the seeds grow if we placed them on the yarn/t-shirt without the soil?

Step 2: Mark the Center

Draw a line around the center of the bottle with the dry erase marker. The line should be near the middle of the bottle.

If working with children, this is a good time to allow them to practice their measuring skills. Instruct students to determine the center of the bottle and even measure the circumference if you have rulers to work with.

2. Wine Bottle Succulent Planters

Are you looking for an inspiring and handmade Moth

Are you looking for an inspiring and handmade Mother’s Day gift? Create this planter for your dearest mum by reusing a wine bottle. Cut the bottle in the desired shape and patterned pot. Make these crafted planting pots more mesmerizing with sweet tags on them. Not only for gifting, but you can also use these DIY planters to décor your patio! lacrema

Does cat grass need sun?

Cat grass needs some sort of sunlight to grow. It is used to full sun outdoors, so if you have a spot in your home that gets lots of sunlight — even indirect sunlight — that’s a great place to keep this.

If you don’t have a spot that gets direct sunlight, you can put it near a heat lamp, but just be really careful of that around your cat.

Want more upcycled cat-themed projects?

Believe it or not, this DIY Cat Grass Planter is not the only upcycled cat-themed project we have on Drugstore Divas. We also have a DIY Cat Food Can Christmas Ornament tutorial post. You should check that one out right meow.

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2 thoughts on HOW TO: Make a hanging planter with a recycled plastic soda bottle

  • Anonymous June 5, 2015 at 2:40 am well i put my cherry tomatoe plants in a plastic bottle and followed the recommended steps, in less than 24 hours my cherry tomatoe plants have decided they prefer to go up, all 6 of them have turned from straight tomatoe plants to curly tomatoe plants, dont think i like it, good thing the other 6 are in the garden

  • Jaiprakash Kikan September 2, 2013 at 5:59 pm Interesting , maybe the plants grow equally well upside down…I have used empty 3L discarded milk cans for thew purpose and found them to be suitable,but in the upright position.

Self-Watering Planters Conclusion

They are a great option to keep your greenery healthy for, especially if you are going away for a week or so. You’ll want to ensure you use them with the specified types of plants for these containers, which are vegetables and tropical plants.

The great thing about all of these projects is that they encourage you to reuse household items and containers, and minimize waste. It’s an excellent way to bring new life into an item that may otherwise be heading for the trash. With minimal time and effort, you will have added a handy tool to your gardening supplies that will save you water and hassle in the long run.