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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use mailbait with any email address I want?

You can use MailBait with any email address that is yours. It is recommended you create a separate email address to use with MailBait and then discontinue the email account when you are done reviewing the email. Some sources of email may continue to email addresses you’ve enter into MailBait even if you are no longer using MailBait.

What is mailbait?

Mailbait is that service that promises to fill up your email inbox by sending you a huge amount of spam. Apparently it automatically subscribes you to several mailing lists.

How do I add a subscription form to mailbait?

Click the ‘Add to MailBait’ bookmarklet on a webpage offering subscription and follow the instruction in yellow to tag the form and submit it to MailBait. Made Possible by you!

What metrics does mailbait use to measure email quality?

One metric that sets MailBait appart is the legitimacy of the email sourced. This community favors sources that are not spammers operating on open relays or bot nets. We also favor sources that hand-curate their lists, and offer niche topics.

Top 15 Alternative and Similar Softwares

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