How To Break Into Your Car When You Mistakenly Lock Your Key In The Car (Photos)

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Are manufacturers doing anything to prevent keyless car theft?

Yes, the majority of car manufacturers have stated that they are constantly looking for ways to improve the security of their vehicles. Over the last couple of years, the following changes have been made:

– Kia introduced a Faraday pouch for its customers, called the Kiasafe case, which can be purchased for £9.99 from dealers– Motion sensor keys have been introduced by a large number of manufacturers– Tesla has introduced “Pin to drive”, which requires drivers to enter a pin in order to start the vehicle– Mercedes and Subaru owners can turn off their keys once they’ve locked their cars– Land Rover and Jaguar have introduced ultra-wide-band across all keyless models registered in 2021.

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Method 3 of 4: Unlocking the door from the outside

In some cases, it is faster and easier to make a l

In some cases, it is faster and easier to make a lockout tool (also called a Slim Jim) to unlock the door from the outside. This technique takes a little bit more finesse, and is more likely to damage the weather stripping and/or the wires inside of the door.

  • Warning: This is not a recommended method for opening doors containing automatic locks and/or automatic windows. The significant increase in the amount of wiring inside of the door itself makes serious damage too much of a risk.

Here is how to use this method:

Step 1: Make a ‘Slim Jim’ tool. To fashion a Slim Jim, it is best to use a coat hanger or other long, relatively thin piece of metal and straighten it out, bending a hook into one end. This is the end that will go into the door.

  • Note: If this tool bends under the strain, double the hanger over and make the end that is folded over into the hook as this is much stronger.

Step 2: Insert the Slim Jim into the door. Since t

Step 2: Insert the Slim Jim into the door. Since there are usually more wires in the driver’s door, it is best to use this method on the passenger side door. Slip the tool in between the weather stripping along the bottom of the window and the window itself.

  • Tip: Pulling the black weather stripping back slightly with your fingers will make this move a lot smoother and easier.

Step 3: Open the lock with the hook. The locking mechanism is located right under the locking pin, so try to use the hook to grab the inside of the locking mechanism by sliding the hook back toward the lock and pulling up once the hook grips the lock.

  • Tip: The mechanism will be about two inches below the bottom edge of the window.

  • Note: This may take a few tries, and some mechanisms may need to be pulled back towards the rear of the car instead of being pulled in the upwards direction. Keep trying different motions until the lock is disengaged.

Document the Evidence and Take Pictures

Always take pictures if you're in an accident, especially if you’re going to file an insurance claim. The same goes for a break-in.

Be sure to take pictures of all damage, both inside and out. Pay particular attention to the surroundings as well. Did the perpetrator leave any objects behind? Are there any security cameras nearby? If there are cameras, it’s important to mention them to the police.

In most cases, security camera owners will happily provide surveillance footage to the police when asked—it’s to their advantage to ensure that their area remains safe.

It is important to file the police report promptly. The longer you wait, the less likely it is that security footage will be available. Many cameras are set to delete footage a certain amount of time after it has been recorded, so if you wait too long, the evidence may disappear.

Does tin foil block car key signals?

There are some unusual signal blocking recommendations around, including storing your keys in the fridge, microwave and wrapped in tin foil. Research suggests that wrapping your keys in tin foil dampens the signal, but doesn’t fully block it. We’d recommend opting to store your key in a Faraday pouch or signal blocking box over the fridge or microwave too, as you’re less likely to damage it.

Check your coverage

While these steps cannot guarantee your car won’t be targeted by a thief, they can go a long way in possibly preventing it. You may never know if what you did kept someone breaking into your car, but that is a good thing. That means it didn’t happen!It is very stressful when your car gets broken into and valuables are stolen. The stress can elevate if you don’t have the right car insurance which covers damages and theft related to break-ins.It's important to know if your policy covers things like damage to locks, windows, doors, any theft of built-in stereo equipment, custom parts, or property left in the car. Check your coverage to be sure, or shop for new coverage with car insurance comparison shopping and broker app Jerry.Jerry is a personal insurance broker that lives in your pocket. Once you download Jerry, just answer a handful of questions that will take you roughly 45 seconds to complete and you’ll immediately get car insurance quotes for coverage similar to your current plan. Jerry customers save an average of $879 a year.

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How To Break Into Your Car Fast

Can Open: Any car that has not deadlocked

Can Open: Any car that has not deadlocked

Tools Required: Wedge and long-reach tool

This method can open any car that does not have high-security locking features, such as deadlock. That is to say, if the buttons and lock switches inside the vehicle will still affect the locks, this method will work. Just be aware that this process can damage your car if done improperly.

With those disclaimers out of the way, the fastest and most reliable way to open a car door is by wedging and probing. There are expert tools to open a locked car in this way, but the wedge can be wood or plastic, as long as it is wedge-shaped. Even a hard plastic door stop will work.

The long reach tool can be anything as long as it has the correct dimensions to fit through the gap and length to manipulate the interior buttons. It is a good idea for this tool to be malleable, so it can be bent to fit around obstacles, though it should be sturdy enough to press without losing shape.

With your tools in hand how to break into your car with a wedge and probe follows these basic steps:

  1. Place your wedge at the upper corner of the door (on the side that opens).
    1. Wrap with a cloth to avoid scuffing paint or plastic.
  2. Work the wedge into the door gap enough to fit your reach tool.
    1. The larger the gap, the larger the risk of damage.
    2. Work fast from here, so the door is not wedged for an extended period.
  3. Insert the reach tool into the gap, aimed at lock buttons/switches.
  4. Work quickly to manipulate the interior locks open.

Though this process needs to be done quickly, it also needs to be done smoothly. You should not frantically jam in wedges or scratch up the inside door panel with wild misses from your reach tool. Be sure to weigh the cost of a locksmith against repair costs from amateur damage.

Protect Against Potential Identity Theft

If you think the break-in might result in identity theft, such as in the case that any identification or credit or debit cards were stolen, be sure to immediately contact your credit card holders, banks, and lenders and any other businesses or agencies that might be affected. You might also want to consider purchasing a temporary service that tracks and reports any irregular activity affecting your credit score. Replace your driver’s license, Social Security card, and all other necessary documents that have been stolen as soon as possible.

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