How to change the date and time setting on Gmail

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How to Change Google Home Time Zone Using the Google Home App

The Google Home app is the only tool you can use to change the Google Home time zone. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Make sure that your smartphone (Android or iPhone) is connected to the internet using your cellular data. Turn Wi-Fi off. Wi-Fi connections don’t seem to work in resolving the issue, and it will disconnect all Home devices.Launch your Google Home app. All devices will get
  2. Launch your Google Home app. All devices will get disconnected since you disabled Wi-Fi.Click on “Settings” in the middle of t
  3. Click on “Settings” in the middle of the Home screen.Select “Home information” at the top o
  4. Select “Home information” at the top of the Home Settings screen.Tap on the “Home address” row to make
  5. Tap on the “Home address” row to make changes.Tap on “Edit” at the bottom of the Hom
  6. Tap on “Edit” at the bottom of the Home address screen.Ensure your address is correct, then click “
  7. Ensure your address is correct, then click “Next.”The screen returns to the Home address page. Confi
  8. The screen returns to the Home address page. Confirm your newly entered address and tap on “Done” to save the changes.

Once you complete the above steps, reboot Google Home and confirm that the time zone is correct on your Home device. If that didn’t sync the correct time zone, try reconnecting to Wi-Fi, then select the Home device and head to its settings, then edit your location there. If the problem persists, ensure that your location is correct while setting up presence sensing. You need to permit the app to run in the background while using your location for it to work properly. If that doesn’t solve the problem, you should contact the official Google support and attempt to resolve the problem with their help.

How to Adjust Your Timezone

Make sure the timezone is correct on your device

Before you change your timezone in Gmail, make sure your device is set to the right timezone.

First, log out of Gmail and close your internet browser.

In Windows:

1. Go to the Control Panel.

2. Click on Clock and Region.

3. Click Change time zone.

3. Click Change time zone.

4. Click on Change time zone…

4. Click on Change time zone…

5. In the drop-down under Time Zone, choose the correct timezone.

6. Click OK.

6. Click OK.

In Mac:

1. Click on the date and time indicator in the top right-hand corner of your screen.

2. Select Open Date & Time Preferences (You can also open Date & Time by navigating to System Preferences in the Dock and selecting Date & Time.

3. Click on the Time Zone tab.

4.     On the world map, manually click your nearest city on the map and choose the most relevant timezone. Alternatively, you can check the box to Set the time zone automatically using current location (you will need to turn on location services).

5.     Click the lock to save changes.

5.     Click the lock to save changes.

Changing your timezone from within Gmail

Adjustments to your timezone are made in Google Calendar, although this can be accessed via Gmail.

1. Log in to Gmail.

2. In the upper right-hand corner, click on the Calendar icon.

3. From within Calendar, click on the gear icon in the top right-hand corner.

4. Click on Settings.

4. Click on Settings.

5. In the General drop-down, choose Time zone.

6. On the Time zone page, scroll through the Country drop-down menu to choose your primary timezone.

7. Once you’ve clicked on your chosen timezone it will be saved and applied to Gmail.

How To Change Gmail Time Zone Details

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Method 2 Change Timezone in Your Google Calendar

Open your Google Calendar.  Look for gear icon at
  • Open your Google Calendar.
  • Look for gear icon at the top right corner and click on Settings.
  • Select General and then click the Time Zone option.
  • Check your primary time zone if it is correct. Otherwise, click on the drop-down arrow to select your preferred time zone. If your time zone is not on the list, look for the Display all time zones and check the box.
  • Click on your time zone.
  • Next, click save to apply the changes and exit your Google Calendar.

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Incorrect time-zone setting on local computer

In your system tray, where the time is displayed, you need to double click-on the time display.

It will open date and time properties.

On this screen, click on Time Zone tab. Here you can see your current time-zone settings and change it via drop-down option provided.

That’s it, you are now geared up to use Gmail with new time zone settings. Please provide your feedback by comments below.