How to eat chicken wings the right way

A little taste of whats inside

Favorites  (left to right):  Truly Crispy Classic Buffalo Wings, classic Truly Crispy Oven Baked Chicken Wings and Korean “Fried” Chicken Wings.

More Favorites (left to right): Honey Sriracha Win

More Favorites (left to right): Honey Sriracha Wings, Southern “Oven Fried” Wings, Honey Soy Wings.

Asian Favorites – made extra sticky and load

Asian Favorites – made extra sticky and loaded with flavour! Left to right: Thai Wings, my mother’s Teriyaki Wings and my family recipe for Sticky Chinese Wings.

Crispy Seasoned Wings – heavily seasoned bec

Crispy Seasoned Wings – heavily seasoned because I like my wings with an extra thick crust! Left to right: Cajun Wings, Jerk Wings and Chicken Shawarma Wings.

Plus Mexican wings (left) and Breaded Crumbed Wing

Plus Mexican wings (left) and Breaded Crumbed Wings (middle). And this cookbook would not be complete without combining two of my favourite loves: bacon + wings….anyone for Bacon Wrapped Wings?



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All these recipes are tried and tested favorites. So I can confidently say:

Step Two: X and Y Axis

When you go to dinner with your parents on your first weekend home from college, let them know you’ve given up chicken wings. Your father will immediately drive the whole family to an all-you-can-eat barbeque restaurant. Straddle a bench at a long wooden table while sauce is ladled over slabs of pork and beef and crinkle cut fries. Eat a dry baked potato while your father points a wing at your face and says no daughter of mine. Let your mother squeeze your arm and whisper that you’d probably like chicken wings if you gave them half a chance. Wouldn’t your life be easier if you ate chicken wings? Your mother says she doesn’t particularly like them, either, but chicken wings have afforded her a stable lifestyle. How can you have children without chicken wings? Your father will pile some on your plate despite your protests, orange grease mingling with the mayonnaise from your coleslaw. Best-case scenario, your mother will eat the wings while your father’s in the bathroom. Worst-case scenario, you’ll feel guilty enough to keep eating chicken wings for the next three years.


  • Do not give your chicken bones to your dog. They can splinter and harm your dog.

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