How to get really, really high… naturally

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How To Conserve Weed And Get Really High? – Buy …

Conserving weed is one of those topics that can get old as we always have a piece of technology that changes the way of using your weed carefully. You could ask: how to conserve weed and get really high? Well, it is simple if you follow our few tips that we prepared for this article.

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How to get really high with so little weed (say, a bowl

I used to mix my weed with menthol tobacco – ratioed at roughly 50/50 or 60 tobacco /40 weed. I am a tobacco smoker as well. I found that if I only smoked pure weed a lot of it gets wasted in burning- coughing etc. By mixing with menthol it's smoo…

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Round-Up: Where is Your Next High Coming From?

Okay, so for many of our readers the idea of passing up on cannabis is a silly one, however sometimes life gets in the way and getting high for a few hours isn’t feasible. Whether you want a romantic night in, or fancy kicking off your running career, these three methods of getting naturally high are backed, proven and free of charge!

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