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Scrub It Out

After soaking your bottle, scrub every inch of it—including the inside of the screw top—with a bottle brush and hot water. Need a narrow brush? “Look for the long brushes they sell for cleaning baby bottles,” since they run in sizes from standard to extra skinny, says Finch-Scally.


How to Open a Wine Bottle with Fire and Heat

Heat is your friend when it comes to using physics to get that cork out. It’s one of the easiest methods to use, albeit it’s a bit dangerous and you have to be careful.

Here are a few ways how you can use heat to your advantage.

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How to Open a Wine Bottle with a Lighter

Do you have a lighter on you? Good – that’s all you need to open a wine bottle! The idea is to heat up the air just beneath the cork so the pressure increases and pops it out. Here’s the method:

  1. Remove the cover from the top of the bottle to expose the neck and the cork.
  2. Start heating up the bottleneck. Start slowly by heating around the neck with the flame. The goal is to warm it up first – a sudden increase in the temperature might break the glass.
  3. Once the bottle is warmed up, you can pretty much keep heating it up (still slowly rotating the bottle). This will take a couple of minutes before the cork starts moving.
  4. Wait for it to pop out.

This method is one of the easiest but it involves some hazard because you’re using open flame and heat. Use it carefully!

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How to Open Wine Bottle with a Torch

More ways to use heat to your favor in opening that bottle. A cooking blow torch comes to your aid. The idea is the same as using a lighter:

  1. Heat the neck of the bottle at the cork level (you should see the air gap under the cork).
  2. Keep turning the bottle and heating it evenly from all sides.
  3. It pops out due to expanding air in a few minutes.

This is a better and safer method than the lighter, but you need to have a cooking torch available.

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How to Open a Wine Bottle with Hot Water

Bringing the wine to a boil gets the cork out in a hands-off way. The only downside to this method is that boiling wine can mess up with the taste, and you have to wait for it to cool off.

But it does the job done:

  1. Pour some water into a pot (enough to immerse the bottle halfway).
  2. Bring the water to a boil.
  3. Put the bottle in.
  4. As the wine heats up, the air expands and pressure builds up, pushing the cork out.
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3 Ways to Clean Water Bottles

Some water bottles are dishwasher safe. If so, toss yours in the dishwasher every time you run a cycle. However, even if the base of the bottle can go in the dishwasher, the lid might not. If your water bottle is not dishwasher-safe, use these common cleaning agents to get the job done.

Liquid Dish Soap

For everyday washes, warm, soapy water will do the trick. Fill the emptied water bottle with hot water and add a few drops of liquid dish detergent. Place the cap on your water bottle and give it a good shake—the water should begin to bubble inside. Dump out the suds, then use a bottle scrub brush to reach all the way down to the bottom of the bottle. And don't forget to wash the exterior and bottom of the bottle as well. Once you're done scrubbing, rinse your water bottle in warm water until you don’t see any soap bubbles and let dry thoroughly. Scrub the lid inside and out as well, paying extra attention to the spout opening or mouthpiece. Rinse and dry.

Distilled White Vinegar

Vinegar is our favorite go-to cleaning agent. Use it to clean your water bottle by filling it halfway with equal parts vinegar and water. Return the bottle’s lid and give it a few shakes before letting it sit with the solution overnight. The next day, be sure to rinse out the water bottle and the lid thoroughly with warm water to remove any leftover vinegar. Let dry. This is a particularly good way to clean a stainless-steel water bottle.

Baking Soda and Bleach

For hard-to-clean grime and mildew, consider cleaning your water bottle with bleach. Mix a teaspoon of bleach with a teaspoon of baking soda in your water bottle. Fill the remainder with water. Use the baking soda and bleach solution to scrub the cap as well, inside and out. Let your water bottle sit overnight, then rinse thoroughly with warm water in the morning. If your bottle is dishwasher friendly, we suggest running it through a cycle. Let dry.

How to Store Wine After Opening without a Cork

So you’ve opened the bottle but you haven&#8

So you’ve opened the bottle but you haven’t consumed it all. If the cork is intact, it’s pretty straightforward to insert it back. But what if it got damaged in the process?

Why is this important? One word – oxygen. It’s both, a friend and enemy to the wine. While the initial exposure to oxygen (when you first open the bottle) improves the taste, leave wine out in the open longer and it gets ruined.

Here are a few ways to keep the wine longer:

  • Transfer it into a sealable container. It loses in style but keeps fresh longer.
  • Use a wine stopper.
  • Put it in a fridge. It’s not a big saver, but it will still be good tomorrow.
  • The above methods will keep your wine fresh for a couple of days at most. If you want to keep it fresh longer, invest in a vacuum seal gadget. This will keep it fresh for a couple of weeks.
  • The ultimate wine saver is the air pump opener (The Coravin) which pierces the cork with a needle, pulls out only as much wine as you need, and replaces it with inert gas, thus keeping it sealed as if you’ve never opened it.
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How to Recork a Wine Bottle

This is a method to recork and reseal a wine bottle if you have to do it. It goes as far as showing you how to put the foil covers on the bottles.

Inserting the cork itself is the easy part as it requires to simply force it in. Then, refer to the video to see how to close the foil cover for the complete process.

The bottle turns out as new (as you’ve never opened it in the first place).

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3. Kayaking

Kayaking is ideal for all those people who like relaxing and spending their spare time alone, or anyone looking for solitude. If you are one of those individuals, and you have never done this, it is time to give it a shot. The good news is that basic kayaking skills can be learned within a day, and from then on, you are good to go.

Of course first, you need to acquire all the necessary equipment. The convenient thing about this sport is that you don’t need to travel far just to reach a river or stream (this a good option of course), but you can also do it in channels running through your town or city. When it comes to physicality, the upper body will do all the work, and you will see significant increases in strength and cardiovascular endurance. What’s not to love here?


Step 5: Baking Soda and Water Soak

Another method that works really well is to add one or two heaping teaspoons of baking soda and warm water into the water bottle and let that soak for a few hours.   After the soak wash vigorously with soap and water and reassess.

Step 1: Take Me to Funky Town

Funky water bottles can happen any time you put anything besides water into them.  The equation for the perfect funky water bottle storm is something like this (+/- a few variables):juice and or coffee + hot car + time = FUNK In the image below we left this insulated Klean Kanteen in the car for a few days with tea in it.  When we opened it up there was mold everywhere growing on not only the tea bag, but the walls of the water bottle themselves.

Rubber Band

There’s a reason why your grandparents leave rubber bands near the sink.

To use this trick, simply grab a rubber band and tie it around the bottle cap. Place a cloth over then use it to twist open the cap.

Usually, the reason why you can’t open the bottle is not because you’re weak, but it’s due to lack of traction: there just isn’t enough friction between the bottle cap and your hands. It’s better if you use thick rubber bands but using those red ones work fine too!

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