How to Organize Bookmarks in Chrome on Your PC or Mac

Benefits of Organizing Your Bookmarks

As you’re painfully aware, one of the primary benefits of organizing your bookmarks is providing some form of order to your list of links. However, there are other unique benefits for organizing bookmarks.

These benefits include:

  • Increases productivity
  • Navigate to sites you use quickly
  • Gets rid of clutter
  • Eliminates the need for excessive tabs
  • Allows you to save things quickly for later use

Organizing your bookmarks is a simple way to turn a 5-minute search into a 2-second task. This process will become more important as you acquire more bookmarks or spend more time on the internet.

Add a New Folder in Internet Explorer

 If you have dozens or even hundreds of favorites, If you have dozens or even hundreds of favorites, you can store similar sites in their own unique folders. At the Organize Favorites window, click the New Folder button. Give the folder a name.Now look through your favorites to find a site that you wish to store in the new folder. Drag it to the new folder. You can also right-click on the favorite and select Cut. Then right-click on its new folder and select Paste.


Add Bookmarks in Firefox

 The process for bookmarking a site in Firefox is The process for bookmarking a site in Firefox is similar to that in Chrome. Click the star icon in the URL bar. You can also press Ctrl/Command + D or click the icon that looks like books on a bookcase and go to Bookmarks > Bookmark This Page. Name and then save your bookmark.

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Get Bookmarks from Your Phone on PC or Mac

Google Chrome is the first choice for most users, on both PC and mobile. Google Chrome sync allows you to get bookmarks from your phone and PC everywhere. But, the Bookmarks bar in Chrome on PC or Mac does not show you the mobile bookmarks directly.

Go through the steps below to get Chrome bookmarks from your phone on your PC or Mac.

  1. On your computer, launch Google Chrome.
  2. Click on three-dots or three-lines icon on the top right corner.
  3. Go to Bookmarks > Bookmarks Manager.
  4. From the left pane, click on Mobile Bookmarks to see all bookmarks from your phone.
  5. Right-click on Mobile Bookmarks and click Copy.
  6. Go to the Bookmarks Bar or any other folder.
  7. Right-click on the folder and choose Paste.

By doing so, you will be able to access the mobile bookmarks right from the Bookmarks bar in Chrome on your computer. Otherwise, you always have to go to the Bookmarks Manager.

How to Organize Bookmarks in Chrome

To organize your bookmarks in Chrome the process is quite simple. Follow these steps below.

  1. Navigate to your Chrome menu then select bookmark manager
  1. Once selected a new tab will open. This tab displays the browser’s bookmark manager as illustrated below. Notice the manager is composed of folders. Essentially, Chrome’s bookmark manager works akin to a file system. However, keep in mind that you can store bookmarks outside a folder or mistakenly place them in the wrong folder. Therefore when adding a bookmark using Chrome always double-check the folder selected for accuracy.

  1. Using Chrome’s bookmark manager you can open all bookmarks in a folder, rename, delete, reorganize, and even export bookmarks into a .csv file. This is useful when you want to transfer your bookmarks to an external bookmark service provider.

How to Add a Bookmark to Your Chrome Bookmark Manager

  1. To add a bookmark in Chrome navigate to the Chrome menu, then select bookmark this tab or bookmark all tabs.
Note: Bookmarking this tab will bookmark the tab y
Note: Bookmarking this tab will bookmark the tab you are currently viewing. If you select bookmark all tabs the manager will bookmark every open tab.

  1. After selecting a bookmarking option (“this” or “all”) a modal will appear that allows you to organize the bookmark into a folder. Keep in mind, you are in charge of naming conventions and organization so be sure to give your bookmark a memorable and descriptive title.  

Using Mailist to Organize Your Bookmarks In Chrome

If you’re a casual internet surfer using Chrome’s bookmark manager may be helpful. However, after a while bookmarks sitting in folders become almost impossible to manage long term. Like any file cabinet these resources become obsolete, they are not searchable programmatically, and often outgrow initial categorization. Mailist solves these challenges at the onset. More importantly, you can still use your favorite browsers like Chrome and Firefox with even better organization capabilities.

To start organizing your bookmarks on Chrome with Mailist follow the steps below.

  1. Create an account on Mailist – sign up here
  1. Download the Mailist extension for Chrome – download here

  1. Once the extension is added to Chrome you can begin saving links by simply clicking the extension then selecting “Add Page to Mailist”.

Here’s a great tip. When using Mailist you can organize content by “tags”. The tagging system is more flexible than a folder system as you can select multiple tags for one page. For example, if a page is relevant to social media content and blog content that page will appear in the results of every tag. In contrast, a folder system will require duplicate links.

Bonus Tips

Besides all the organization tips we mentioned above, you can also use extensions to manage your bookmarks. You can surf through the Chrome Web Store to look for fun extensions that help with arranging your bookmarks.

Some extensions provide a better view of the website, and some can even let you save bookmarks offline. The key is to choose one that suits your preference and style.

You can choose bookmarks, like, Save to Pocket, Workona, Bookmark Sidebar, and more. 

How to organize Chrome’s Bookmarks Bar

As we mentioned before, in the Bookmarks Bar we tend to fix the elements of this type that we use most frequently. Thus we have access to them directly and always in view. To set a URL where we are, just drag it to that location. It is also worth mentioning that, to better organize the Chrome bookmarks here, we always have the possibility of dragging a specific entry to the position that interests us the most. In this way we place them based on their use, utility, etc.

On the other hand, we can also manage them by right-clicking on any of these entries. Then a context menu appears that allows us to open them in different ways, add them to a folder, copy them, move them, etc.

Something that we must take into account here and

Something that we must take into account here and that will surely be very useful to us, is that in addition to independent bookmarks, here we can create and place folders of them. This will allow us to group an indeterminate number of bookmarks in a folder that will be the one visible on the bar. To create one, simply select the Add folder option from the aforementioned context menu .

On the other hand, if what we want is to optimize the space available in the bookmarks bar that we are talking about, you can use this trick . Actually what we can do is remove or reduce the name of them as much as possible, in that way the physical space that they will occupy will be less than the predetermined one. So what we achieve is to have more elements of this type in view, but in the same space.

Chrome bookmark manager

For re-organizing and editing your bookmarks, use the Chrome bookmark manager:

  1. Click Bookmarks from the top navigation.
  2. Scroll down to Bookmark Manager and click.
Open Chrome bookmark manager
Open Chrome bookmark manager

The Chrome bookmark manager looks like the following:

Chrome bookmark manager
Chrome bookmark manager

💡 Pro tip: for quicker access to the bookmark manager, drag the bookmark manager URL () to your bookmarks bar.

Edit a bookmark

Once the bookmark manager is open, you can right-click a bookmark and click Edit.

Select a range of bookmarks with shift

You can select multiple bookmarks at once while in the bookmark manager. Once multiple are selected you can open them, delete them, or move them.

To select a range of bookmarks, click the first bookmark you want to select, scroll down to the last, hold shift, and click. All the bookmarks from the first to the last will be selected.

Select multiple bookmarks at once individually

You can also select a group of bookmarks by holding down Command in Mac or Ctrl in Windows and continually clicking on bookmarks you would like to select.

Chrome bookmarks bar
Chrome bookmarks bar

The bookmarks bar appears right below the address bar and gives you bookmark shortcuts that you can click for quick access. To view the bookmark bar:

  1. Click the View option in the main Chrome menu.
  2. Click Always Show Bookmarks Bar.

💡 Pro tip: Remove the names in your bookmarks bar to fit more visible bookmarks into your bookmarks bar. See below.

Using only favicons in the bookmarks bar
Using only favicons in the bookmarks bar

💡 Pro tip: Use folders in your bookmarks bar for quick folder access. See below.

Using folders in the bookmarks bar
Using folders in the bookmarks bar

Organizing your Chrome bookmarks is an ongoing process. There is no cure-all to do it for you. Similar to pruning a tree, you need to take proactive action over time. The following are some methods that can help.

Use Extensions to Automatically Organize Google Chrome Bookmarks

If you are too lazy to create folders and organize bookmarks, the chrome extensions come in handy. You can use these extensions to automatically organize bookmarks on Chrome. These can help you organizing to removing duplicate bookmarks. Check these out.

  • Sprucemarks – It is a simple, automatic bookmark sorting extension for Chrome. It can automatically categorize and sort all your existing and future bookmarks. Download: Chrome Web Store
  • Bookmark Manager and Viewer – With this extension, you can avoid going to the bookmark manager always. You can access all your bookmarks in one-click. Download: Chrome Web Store
  • Bookmarks Tagging – Tag your bookmarks for a better understanding later. You can search for the tags you used and find the categorized bookmarks easily with this extension. Download: Chrome Web Store

Chrome extensions can be helpful when you want to organize all your bookmarks in minimal time. But, if you are too concerned about your computer’s performance, it is always good to have lesser extensions on Chrome.

It does not take a lot to organize bookmarks in Chrome. Hope you found the best way to manage all your Chrome bookmarks on the go.