How to Set Up and Use Apple’s New Photos App in OS X Yosemite

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Share here, there, and everywhere

Use the Share menu to easily share photos via Shared Albums and AirDrop. Or send photos to your favorite photo sharing destinations, such as Facebook and Twitter. You can also customize the menu and share directly to other compatible sites that offer sharing extensions.


Control What Syncs to iCloud Photo Library

Some libraries get huge, so control what goes into the cloud since Apple charges iCloud storage over 5GB at the following rates:

  • $1/month for 20GB
  • $4/month for 200GB
  • $10/month for 500GB
  • $20/month for 1TB (1,000GB)

That’s pretty steep when someone compared to the unlimited OneDrive storage Microsoft gives to Office 365 Home users for $99/year. Apple needs to change their pricing.

Here’s how to turn off iCloud Photo Library if you have a large library and don’t want to pay their outrageous prices. First, remember that it’s all or nothing for now. Photos won’t let the user sync just part of their library.

Open Preferences from the Photos menu next to the

Open Preferences from the Photos menu next to the Apple icon on the Menu bar. Select the iCloud tab and uncheck the first item labelled iCloud Photo Library.

For those with limited local storage, select Optimize Mac Storage and Photos only downloads ]files to the computer when the user selects the photo’s thumbnail for editing or sharing. Images with a cloud icon on them are the ones not stored locally.

Remember that deleting a file on the computer deletes it from all the other devices sharing the same iCloud Photo Library, so be careful before deleting photos in Photos.

Your memories. Now playing

Memories finds your best photos and videos and weaves them together into a memorable movie — complete with theme music, titles, and cinematic transitions — that you can personalize and share. So you can enjoy a curated collection of your trips, holidays, friends, family, pets, and more. And when you use iCloud Photos, edits you make to a Memory automatically sync to your other devices.


Apple did a great job refreshing their basic photo editing and organizing option. People who used iPhoto to work with their images will feel at home. Aperture users might find it limiting, so they should seriously consider moving to Lightroom instead or stick with Aperture for a while longer. Apple won’t stop it from working, but they do not plan any more updates.

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