Netflix says ‘Sorry, there is no internet connection. (N0)’

Top Methods to Fix Netflix NW-2-5 Error

Method 1. Check if the streaming app is allowed on the network you are using

One of the reasons why you might be facing Error Code NW-2-5 is merely a block set up on the WiFi network you are using. It is very likely if you are using Wi-Fi at work, school, or uni. Besides, keep in mind that public Internet networks usually have finite bandwidth, or, in other words, slow performance resulting in a low-quality connection between your device and Netflix servers.

If you are not using public WiFi network and the issue occurs while you are using cellular data or satellite Internet, consider changing the network. The best idea would be to switch to cable Internet or DSL as this results in better connection quality and speed.

Method 2. Test your Internet connection

To ensure that your Internet connection is OK, consider running a network connection test. You can find one of these online – just Google the search phrase. We suggest using Fast Speed Test by Netflix as it checks your connection to its own servers.

To ensure that you’re testing the right connection on your computer, check the Network settings on TV first. Get to know whether you’re connected to Ethernet or Wi-Fi, and the name of the connection.

If the test fails, it indicates a problem with your Internet. The easiest way to fix is to get in touch with the maker of your device and ask for help. If that is not the case – the Internet connection is, and you face no problems opening other streaming services and apps, continue reading below.

Method 3.1 Restart your smart TV

  1. First of all, shut down your TV using remote and then unplug it from power immediately. Do not rush to plug it back on – wait for at least a minute.Before you plug your TV on, you need to discharge
  2. Before you plug your TV on, you need to discharge it entirely. To do it, press down and hold the TV power button for around 5 seconds and then release it. Some TVs do not have one, so in such a scenario, merely leave your TV unplugged for a more extended period – at least 5 minutes.
  3. Now, it is time to plug the device back in! Grab your remote and turn the TV on. Navigate to the Netflix app and see if the method worked. If not, bummer, you will need to try the methods provided below.

Method 3.2. Completely shut down and then wake your home network back into life

  1. Easier said than done, right? However, all you need to do is to turn off your TV, unplug it, then disconnect your modem and wireless router.
  2. Once you do it, be patient and wait for at least a minute. Then plug everything back in and carefully look at your modem/router.
  3. Stay patient until all the lights appear on it – it indicates that the network is ready for usage. Go grab your remote and turn on the TV to binge in those good Netflix series you’ve been willing to watch.

Method 4. Bypass the router by connecting smart TV to the modem

Using a WiFi router which is attached to your modem? That might be the issue causing Netflix NW-2-5 Error to appear. Therefore, we suggest you try this method right after the reboot of the network. Additionally, the method given below allows identifying wireless or router connectivity issues. If you succeed, you can understand that the router is the problem.

In case you do not want this as a permanent solution, we suggest getting in touch with people who set up the home network for you. They will need to configure router’s settings properly so you would not have to face Netflix NW-2-5 problem again.

  1. First of all, turn off your smart TV. If you wish, you can just unplug the TV cable.
  2. Connect smart TV with the modem using the Ethernet cable.Unplug the modem for approximately half a minute a
  3. Unplug the modem for approximately half a minute and then plug it back in. Stay patient until all the lights are back on.
  4. Turn on the TV and open the Netflix app.

Method 5. Strengthen the WiFi signal

There are a few methods you can try to improve the quality of Internet signal:

  1. Check if your router is placed somewhere near other wireless devices such as phones, microwave ovens, radios, baby monitors, etc. If so, make sure these devices are moved away from your router. This way, you will lower the chance of signal interference.
  2. If the signal is still low, consider moving the router. You must understand that the router’s signal reach is limited, so place it not far away from devices that require it, for example, computer or TV.
  3. The final tip is to place router somewhere higher, for example, a shelf or the top of cabinets in your room. It will give a better signal than when being put somewhere on the floor.

How do you update apps on a smart TV?

  1. Press the Smart Hub button.
  2. Select Featured. Apps that can be updated are indicated by a small white arrow in a blue circle.
  3. Navigate to an App that needs updating, then press and hold the Enter button until a sub menu appears.
  4. Select Update apps.
  5. Click Select All.
  6. Select Update.


How to Fix Netflix PS4 Problems

Users who run into PS4 Netflix problems, but who can still use other Internet apps and services on the PS4 should try to reinstall the Netflix app.

Go to the TV & Video screen on your PS4. Press the Option button on the controller. Choose Delete then OK.

After you delete it the Netflix icon will still be on your screen. Select it and it will re-download. After it completes sign in and start streaming.

How To Fix Netflix App Crashing

We often hear from friends asking, “Why does the Netflix app keep crashing?” It’s very frustrating, but you can fix it quite easily in most cases. The exact solution will depend on what you are trying to watch Netflix on.

The first thing you should try on any device is to restart the app. If that fails, you need to restart the device by turning it off and back on. This works for TVs, Blu-Ray players, and phones.

if that doesn’t fix the Netflix app crashing you will need to dive deeper into the problem. If you are on a phone, tablet or a streaming box like the Apple TV, you should try to uninstall the app, restart your device and then reinstall Netflix.

On Smart TVs and on some blu-ray devices you should sign out of the Netflix app and then try signing back in. You can also check for updates to the app with your manufacturer.

If your Netflix app crashes and you have the Linksys RE6500 AC1200 Wireless Range Extender at your house, you need to update that firmware. Netflix is aware of this issue and the fix is upgrading the range extender. Here’s more on what to do if your Netflix app is crashing.

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How to Fix Netflix on a PlayStation 4 Console

Like the Xbox One, Sony's PlayStation 4 console can also run streaming apps like Netflix. Try these two solutions if you're encountering problems with your Netflix app on your PS4.

  1. Check if PSN is down. If the PlayStation Network online service is down, it could be preventing some of the apps from working. You can check if PSN is running via its official status page.

  2. Quit the PS4 Netflix app. PlayStation 4 apps will continue to run in the background even if you switch to a video game or another app. Closing your open apps can improve the performance of your PS4 and refresh the apps to fix any bugs that you may be experiencing. To close a PS4 app, highlight its icon on the home screen and press the Options button on your PS4 controller. A new menu will pop up with the option, Close Application. Click on it to close the Netflix app. You can now reopen it again as you usually would.

Why does Netflix keep stopping?

The most likely reason that Netflix is stopping or pausing is because of your internet connection. The best way to check the speed of your connection is to use, which is Netflix’s own speed test. It’s also available as an app for iOS and Android. … If the speeds seem good, Netflix might be having problems.