Regal Unlimited vs AMC A-List vs Redbox

AMC Stubs A-List

What it is: Launched in June 2018, A-List added a subscription-based monthly ticket service to the chain’s existing loyalty program following years of public feuds with MoviePass.

Monthly price: Between $20 and $24, depending on location.

How many movies: Subscribers can see three movies each week.

Restrictions: A-List subscribers are limited to AMC theater locations, and there are no deals for purchasing additional tickets for the same screening (if you want to bring a friend, for example). Members of the Stubs loyalty program don’t get reward points for movie tickets purchased through A-List, but they do get points for food and drinks purchased during their visit. Members must agree to a three-month minimum term.

Extra perks: Tickets for premium-format screenings — such as 3D and IMAX — are treated just like standard-format tickets, without any extra charges or limitations. You can also see the same movie multiple times, including in-demand blockbusters, and purchase tickets in advance. A-List members can make free online reservations for movies in advance and get 10 percent back on food and drink purchases.

What else to consider: The entire service is managed through the AMC Theaters app, making it one of the more convenient services available. While A-List requires a three-month commitment at initial sign-up, it guarantees its original monthly cost for the first 12 months.

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Premium Formats

AMC and Regal both offer a variety of premium movi

AMC and Regal both offer a variety of premium movie watching formats for all those who like to upgrade their movie experience. AMC offers Dolby, IMAX, PRIME, 3D, and BigD, while Regal offers 4DX, RPX, IMAX, and ScreenX.

It would take me forever to tell you what all these formats give you, but from experience, they make watching movies even better than watching them in a standard auditorium. Naturally, these premium formats have premium prices.

So, if you get Unlimited, you will, unfortunately, be required to pay a surcharge for your tickets. However, if you get A-List, you will be able to live like kings watching films in Dolby and IMAX without having to pay a single penny more.

Perks Gallore

Pricing isn’t everything when it comes to these plans–each service (including Redbox) offer nice perks for being a member. It should be noted Redbox membership is free. AMC and Regal do have free memberships (AMC’s has far more to offer than Regal’s which essentially offers nothing). I’ll only be comparing the perks associated with Regal Unlimited, AMC A-List, and Redbox generally.

  • How many movies per month? Winner: Regal
    • AMC: 3 per week so about 12 per month totally 144 movies per year.
    • Regal: Literally UNLIMITED. You can watch multiple movies a day every day of the week with no blackout dates.
    • Redbox: Technically unlimited but there’s no flat fee; it’s pay-per-movie.
  • Concession Discounts: Winner: AMC
    • AMC: Free Size Upgrades on Popcorn & Fountain Drinks; Free large popcorn refill.
    • Regal: 10% off food and non-alcoholic drink purchases.
    • Redbox: N/A
  • Birthday Gift: Winner: Redbox
    • AMC & Regal: Free large popcorn and large soft drink
    • Redbox: Depending on your Perk level (achieved with points thru rentals) you get 1-2 free 1 night rentals.
  • Credits & Points: Winner: AMC
    • AMC: Earning 5,000 points nets you $5 to spend as you choose at an AMC theater.
    • Regal: Every dollar spent earns you Crown Club credits which can be used for a variety of things including merchandise, concessions, and tickets.
      • Depending on how many times you go to theater you’ll  move up in status with the ultimate level being Diamond status which gives you an extra 1,000 credits every time you purchase anything.
    • Redbox: Depending on what you rent (Blu-ray, DVD) and for how many nights figures into how many points you earn and those points are used to rent “free” movies or games.

AMC has been mastering the perk list for a long time now considering they have three tiers that swamp Regal, so as far as perks go, AMC wins.

The Consensus

So which movie subscription service wins? That is

So which movie subscription service wins? That is the question. It's a mystery. I definitely haven't made my preference clear throughout this article. Can you predict the victor of this ultimate battle between subscriptions? It's 50-50 at this point, isn't it?

It's AMC A-List. Now, if you're still wondering how A-List could have possibly won given that Regal gives you unlimited movies while AMC only offers three a week, let me ask you a question: when was the last time you saw more than three films in the theater a week?

Because I am the biggest movie nerd that I know and I haven't needed to watch more than three movies a week all year. Every Friday, only about 1-3 new films get released, and even if you feel the need to see six films a week with Regal Unlimited, you'll still have to pay the surcharges.

Now, I'm not saying Regal Unlimited is terrib

Now, I'm not saying Regal Unlimited is terrible; of course, if you're a movie enthusiast living near Regal theaters, you'd have to get Regal Unlimited, and besides that, many regular Regal auditoriums have recliners, while AMC has standard seats.

But I've been an A-List member since last July, and it has not failed me. And here's a pro tip: Fandango gives you $5 discounts for every four tickets you buy, so if you connect your AMC account to your Fandango account and buy your A-List tickets through Fandango, you can get some $5 credits towards rentals or other movie nights.

It has been a day. A crazy day of cruel, undying war. And I know I sound like some secret undercover representative working for AMC, but I'm (probably) not. But we have come to our conclusion.

Regal Unlimited Subscription

If you like to see every movie that comes out, the Regal Unlimited Subscription may be a good option. Starting at $18 per month, members may see as many films as they like at participating Regal venues. Given that Regal boasts nearly 200 more locations than Cinemark, this service can be great for the diehard cinema goer.

In addition to the movie selection, Regal Unlimited also offers you:

  • 10% off all food and non-alcoholic drink purchases
  • No blackout dates or limits
  • Free large popcorn and soft drink on your birthday
  • Regal Crown Club credits earned with every dollar spent using your Regal Unlimited subscription
  • The ability to see movies first with Regal Unlimited screenings

For events such as ScreenX, 4DX, IMAX, RPX, 3D and/or VIP, surcharges will likely apply. Additionally, certain events, such as foreign language films, may also include a charge of a few extra dollars. Reserving seats incurs a 50 cent charge as well.

You’ll also want to pay attention to the three tiers of service, as certain theaters may be excluded from certain plans:

  • The Unlimited Plan ($18/month + tax or an annual fee of $216) includes 200+ select Regal theaters nationwide
  • The Unlimited Plus Plan ($21/month + tax or an annual fee of $252) includes 400+ Regal theaters nationwide
  • The Unlimited All-Access Plan ($23.50/month + tax or an annual fee of $282) includes all 550+ Regal theaters nationwide

You can find the list of excluded theaters for each plan here.

Is the Regal Unlimited Subscription right for you?

If you see more than a movie a month, Regal already stands out as a better deal than Cinemark. Even compared to AMC, which we’ll get to next, you technically get way more movie-going access month-to-month since there are no limitations on the number of movies you can see.

The downside here is that the Regal subscription comes with a yearlong commitment. That means you’re shelling out at least a $216 commitment, which can definitely add up if you have a large family.

Many Slickdeals users also made it a point to read the fine print, as those charges and restrictions can get in the way of your movie-viewing experience. For example, Slickdealer Gordino pointed out that the plan could be “suspended” at any time, but you will still be charged your monthly fee.

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And the Winner Is

Well that depends on how you purchase your tickets and whether you see premium format movies.

Technically, you can see far more than 12 movies a month with Regal and their cheapest plan is…well…cheaper which does make it the more cost effective plan–you get more for less money.

If you want to frequently reserve tickets online and or often see premium showings then you’ll save potentially over $80 with AMC thereby making it the much better option.

Regal still has an incredible offering but I believe for most people AMC’s plan is easier to navigate and takes out the “hidden” fees.

AMC beats Regal 4 to 2 and both Regal and AMC beat out Redbox by a substantial margin–especially Regal.

The only way Redbox beats both Regal and AMC is if you plan on watching all or most of those 12 movies with your family–then you would save hundreds more by using Redbox.

Regal Unlimited

Regal Cinemas just jumped in on the subscription service game. Their service largely depends on location. Regal Cinemas is offering three tiers that allow members to watch unlimited movies at local theaters. Below you’ll find a graphic explaining the plans.

Regal Unlimited Cost: $18-$23.50 *A surcharge of $1.50-$3 per ticket applies at theaters not included in your plan.

All memberships have roughly the same perks. For your birthday, you’ll get a free large popcorn and fountain drink. Members will not have any blackout dates, which means they can watch as many movies as they want at any time and enjoy 10 percent of all food and nonalcoholic drink purchases. Members can also earn Regal Crown Club credits with every dollar spent and can use their rewards for more freebies.


The main difference between Regal Unlimited plans lies in the amount of theaters available at each membership level. To see what Regal Cinemas are in your area, click here.

Regal Unlimited Cost: $18/month *A surcharge of $1.50-$3 per ticket applies at theaters not included in your plan.

Members can watch standard-format movies at more than 200 Regal Cinema theaters nationwide.  

Regal Unlimited Plus Cost: $21/month *A surcharge of $1.50-$3 per ticket applies at theaters not included in your plan.

Members can watch standard-format movies at more than 400 Regal Cinema theaters nationwide.  

Regal Unlimited Pro Cost: $23.50/month

Members get access to all 550+ Regal Cinema theaters nationwide.  

No matter which Regal Unlimited plan one selects, members will have to pay extra fees to watch IMAX or 3D movies.


Whether you pick AMC Stubs or Regal Unlimited, you will get rewards, some sort of food discount or perk, a birthday gift and be able to utilize a phone app to conveniently buy movie tickets.

Now that you know all the details of the plans, you can determine the pros and cons yourself. Let us know if you’re considering purchasing one or if you’ve already pledged your loyalty to a service in our poll below.