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1. Cleaning up parking lots

If you’re an entrepreneur at heart, then you’ll want to consider making trash-cleaning a full-on business by cleaning up parking lots!

Basically, you would go around to local businesses and offer to pick up the trash in their parking lots for them – for a fee, of course. 

Once you get hired, you simply go around and sweep up their trash, and get paid. It’s as simple as that!

Now I know what you’re thinking: there’s no way that can really make me any money. But shockingly, you’d be wrong.

Take, for example, Brian Winch, who has been doing this for over 30 years and makes a whopping $650,000 per year. And, while that’s not a realistic expectation for everyone, it’s enough to make us reconsider it as an actual side gig.

And if you’re thinking that you need to own a big dump truck or some other fancy (and expensive) gear, you’ll be happy to know that you don’t! In fact, you can purchase all the trash collecting equipment you need for under $100. You just need an outdoor broom and dustpan to get started!

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If you do decide to take this route, just make sure you approach smaller businesses first. Most larger companies will already have someone picking up their trash, while certain smaller businesses might not be able to afford someone full time.

Another bonus to this type of job is that you can easily do this while still having your current full-time career – but it’s not limited to a side hustle. You can always work your way up to enough clients to make this a full-time business.

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Overall, there are a variety of different ways you could earn money by picking up trash – some that aren’t even covered in this list.

Most opportunities have little to no startup costs, and just require a bit of time, effort, and creativity in order to start earning some extra cash.

Plus, there are things you can do in conjunction with other business ideas. For example, you could add parking lot cleaning to your repertoire along with cleaning up people’s yards – they can really go hand-in-hand.

And because there’s so many different options, you’re likely to find one that you might want to give a try!

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Influencers Picking Up Trash

Here is a list of some of the influencers out there who have dedicated a significant portion of their screen time (social media feeds) to picking up trash. The “list” is in no particular order.

Plastic Alternatives

Picking up plastic off the beach is a great way connect to the problem. But what about solutions?

There’s plenty. It starts, simply with “say no to plastic“. (click the link to find out ways to say no to plastic at home & while out and about).

There are more and more amazing plastic alternatives out there. Not only reusables, but biodegrade options from organic compounds like cactus and mushroom.

Make side income by doing trash pickup

Many people search through Google to see what available options are for them to earn side incomes? After their day job. So this is the answer which is quite good at generating some extra money and will not have to work soundly like 5 to 6hours. You are not bound to work even you are not going to have any boss or manager to see your performance.

As explained by Brian winch, make 50,000 dollars in just the first months is not a big deal in pick up trash servicing. You can have the idea of making such money if you are looking for some side hustling.


You Can Make a Lot of Money

When you are being greatly rewarded financially for working hard, it feels good, right? If you are stuck in a 9-to-5 job, chances are, you’re frustrated because you still find yourself struggling to make ends meet. Maybe it’s time for a change.

Did you know that there’s a way for you to make more money with less effort and less time consumed? Take a look at your garbage…all those papers, plastic, food containers, and a whole lot more may look like just trash to you but the people who will be picking those up will earn money simply by transporting the garbage from apartment unit doors to a dumpster.

According to the website Simply Hired, the average annual salary of garbage collectors is now at $43,000. If garbage collectors can be paid this much, how much more are the owners of a garbage business? Now, don’t go quitting your job to become a garbage collector! But, this business of valet trash is not exactly your traditional garbage collection either. You have to go beyond what usual garbage collectors do and offer services that are unique like valet trash which manages the disposal of trash from apartment complexes and condominium buildings. The possibilities are just endless!


You can have a healthy lifestyle with this job; you can have a fresh stroll or walk in the streets while saving the day and make money. You can do this job with your friends and with them, you all can have a great fun time talking together and alongside making money. This can make you have a short exercise while walking and doing trash pickup.

Step 4: Dispose of It

If you picked up anything with a napkin, look for a trash can on your street or carry into your home and put it in the trash. Since it’s trash day today, I found a garbage can right next to my building and put the cup and lid right into the can. Some streets also have trash cans on the corner. If you put your trash into someone else’s garbage can, make sure that you close it securely. If you picked up dry paper trash, bring it into your home and put it into your recycling can with your normal paper recycling.

Step 7: What Not to Pick Up

I’m adding an addendum on things I recommend that you not even try to pick up. For me this includes dog shit and things that are likely to permeate through a couple of napkins: soggy whatever. If I were a dog owner, I would definitely pick up my own dog’s crap, but I refuse to pick up other people’s dog crap even when it’s wrapped up in a plastic bag.