The Burrito Wrap Calming Method Helps You De-Stress, a Therapist Says

A therapist told Insider this method is an effective calming technique

The burrito wrap works because it seems to mimic swaddling — wrapping a baby in a blanket to restrict movement —Dana Myers, therapist and founder of A Fit Mind-Life Coaching told Insider.

“Swaddling mimics the womb, helps eliminate anxiety by imitating a parent’s soothing touch, helps to regulate temperature, and helps a baby to self-soothe,” Myers said. “The burrito wrap is similar to adult swaddling, which can have many health benefits such as anxiety and depression relief, stress reduction, and increased flexibility.”

To wrap yourself up like a burrito, put a blanket behind your back with one end in each hand. Cross your arms over one another in a vampire-like motion. Then hop on the bed and use your hands to wrap your legs snugly in the blanket before putting your arms back in position.

If you’re trying the method for yourself, Myers says to be mindful of your mind and body. Stop if you feel pain or discomfort, and don’t fixate on doing it perfectly. 

“Keep an open mind and try not to judge yourself,” she said. “The benefits include stress reduction and increased feelings of relaxation. Trying to do it perfectly or judging yourself during the process will defeat the purpose.”

I tried the burrito wrap tool to relieve stress during work.
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What Is In A Burrito?

The traditional, main ingredients of a burrito tend to be a flour tortilla, a meat filling, beans and salsa. Other popular additions are cheese, sour cream, homemade guacamole, rice and vegetables.

Chicken Burrito

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