Wallpaper Dimensions For Iphone 6 Plus

Step 1: Start with a blank canvas

To make your own wallpaper, click Create New in PicMonkey or click here to start with a blank canvas.

Select Blank Canvas from the options that appear and then enter your custom dimensions in the top-right corner of the page. No matter your iPhone or Android model, you can find the right dimensions (in pixels) for yours below.

Find your photo wallpaper size

iPhone 13 Pro Max2778 × 1284 Nexus 6P 2560 x 1440
iPhone 13/Pro2532 × 1170 Nexus 5X 1920 x 1080
iPhone 13 Mini2340 × 1080 Google Pixel 4 XL869 x 1440
iPhone 12/Pro2532 × 1170 Google Pixel 4 2280 x 1080
iPhone 12 Mini2340 × 1080 Google Pixel 3a XL2160 x 1080
iPhone 11 Pro Max2688 × 1242 Google Pixel 3a2220 x 1080
iPhone 11 Pro2436 × 1125 Google Pixel 3 XL2960 x 1440
iPhone XR/111792 × 828 Google Pixel 32160 x 1080
iPhone XS Max2688 × 1242 Google Pixel XL/2XL2560 x 1440
iPhone X2436 × 1125 Google Pixel1920 x 1080
iPhone 7 Plus/8 Plus1920 x 1080Samsung Galaxy Note 10+3040 x 1440
iPhone 7/81334 × 750 Samsung Galaxy Note 102280 x 1080
iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus 1920 x 1080LG G5/Samsung Galaxy Note 52560 x 1440
iPhone 6/6S 1334 x 750Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+/Note 92960 x 1440
iPhone 5 1136 x 640Samsung Galaxy S7/Edge2560 x 1440

Once you locate your phone’s dimensions, put them into the sizing boxes and click Make it!



Resolution in mobile is the number of pixels that are across the screen is to a number of pixels that are downwards. For instance, the first iPhone had a resolution of 320×480, with 320 pixels across and 480 pixels down. Some of the latest mobiles have the same resolution to that of a high definition TV, 1920×1080, separate sets of red, green and blue lights, all present in a 5-inch screen.

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Getting Your Wallpaper to Your Phone

There are several ways to get your wallpaper to your phone. I describe each at a high level because the exact details differ depending on what computer you’re using with your phone.

  • USB cable:
    1. Plug your phone in to a computer with a USB cable.
    2. Make the phone’s storage available to the computer (look in the notification bar on the phone for the “USB” notification, and select the “mount” button).
    3. Copy the image into the “download” directory on the phone.
  • download from the web:
    1. Put your image on a website. (Maybe you have one, maybe you use facebook or geocities, or whatever.) Make sure the website doesn’t resize the image, (most photo sharing sites automatically resize the image—you don’t want that, or you must know how to get around that).
    2. Open the web browser on your phone and go to the website.
    3. Save the image by long pressing on it, then selecting “save image…” from the menu that pops up. It will end up in your Gallery application.
  • Over Bluetooth or Wifi: In principle one should be able to copy the image over Bluetooth or Wifi from a PC, but I don’t know how.

After you’ve completed these steps, the image should be in the downloads directory on your phone. When you run the Gallery application, there should be a download section with your images in it.

Why the Wallpapers Get Messed Up on Your iPhone

Depending on the screen size and the acceptable image resolution, the iOS installed on your iPhone automatically tries to fit the background’s selected photo best. In this attempt, it stretches the width and height of the image as needed.

If the image you have selected is not of the exact resolution specified for your iPhone’s screen, iOS stretches it to put it on the full screen, thus making it pixelated/blurry.

As mentioned above, the best way to avoid such issues is to use images that match your iPhone’s exact size.

However, since it is not possible with every image you prefer to use as your iPhone’s wallpaper, you must rely on a third-party tool to do the job for you. A few such apps are listed below, along with their details:

01 wallpapers Free (Free) An app by Ki Tat Chung allows you to scale, rotate, and position the selected image as per your iPhone’s screen size and compatible resolution. The app can be downloaded on your iPhone from the iTunes Store for free. Download wallpapers Free (Free)    

02 Wallax ($1.99) Developed by Brijit Sheelia and available on the iTunes Store, Wallax is an app that comes along with some built-in textured images. In addition to resizing and adjusting your preferred images as per your iPhone’s screen size, Wallax also allows you to add some effects like blur, focus, etc. to them. Download Wallax    

03 Wallpaper Fix ($0.99) Another app that has been recently optimized (precisely on November 17, 2015) by the developer Bernhard Obereder for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus mobile phones. The app makes the selected wallpaper images remain immune to the modifications that iOS makes to them and enforces its own changes that you make using it. Download Wallpaper Fix ($0.99)    

04 Wa-Fi(Wallpaper-Fitter) (Free) Developed for both iPhones and iPads, Wa-Fi(Wallpaper-Fitter) can be used to resize and rearrange the wallpapers to fit your iDevice’s screen best. Since iPhones can now change their Home screen orientation when rotated, Wa-Fi(Wallpaper-Fitter) enables you to customize your preferred wallpaper images accordingly. Download Wa-Fi(Wallpaper-Fitter) (Free)    

05 Wallpaper Fit ($0.99) Another powerful iPhone wallpaper resizing app developed by i-App Creation Co., Ltd. helps you resize your selected wallpaper images as per your iPhone’s screen resolution. With Wallpaper Fit, you can resize your wallpaper images for both portrait and landscape orientations for any iPhone model that you have. Download Wallpaper Fit ($0.99)    

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iPhone Rendered Pixels

These comprise of a full number of pixels that are scaled. The rendered pixels give you the number when you use the multiplier (1x, 2x, 3x) that the device has to the screen size in points. If you want to draw an image in max resolution, then this is the size that you should stick to.

How to find the dimensions for your Apple product

Canva does require you to enter the pixel ratio for your Apple product. This is information you could find on the Apple website when looking at your specific product. However, here is a quick reference if you are like 99 percent of others and don’t know this number off the top of your head.


  • iPhone SE : 1136 x 640-pixel resolution
  • iPhone 6s/7/8 : 1334 x 750-pixel resolution
  • iPhone 6s Plus/7 Plus/8 Plus: 1920 x 1080-pixel resolution
  • iPhone X and XS: 2436 x 1125-pixel resolution
  • iPhone XR: 1792 x 828-pixel resolution
  • iPhone XS Max: 2688 x 1242-pixel resolution


  • iPad mini (all models), 5th generation and iPad air (1st gen and 2): 2048 x 1536-pixel resolution
  • iPad (9.7in): 2048 x 1536-pixel resolution
  • iPad Pro (10.5in) and iPad Air: 2224 x 1668-pixel resolution
  • iPad Pro (11in): 2388 x 1668-pixel resolution
  • iPad Pro (12.9in): 2732 x 2048-pixel resolution

This will allow you to have the perfect sized wallpaper for your Apple product. No more cropping or tweaking your pictures.

Creating the design

Here is the fun part. You can add templates, photos, text, background, etc. Make this as simple or complex as you want. Creating a wallpaper with this app is kind of like arts and crafts project for the tech world.


  1. Create your design.
  2. Add elements by selecting the plus (+) icon in the bottom right corner.
  3. After finishing the design, click the download icon in the upper right corner.


  1. Create your design.
  2. Add elements by selecting the options on the left side.
  3. After finishing the design, click the download icon in the upper right corner.

You are almost there! After you are happy with your design, and you have downloaded your creation, it will appear in your photos.

How to make cute phone wallpaper on the PicMonkey mobile app

  1. Open the app and tap “Custom” under “Start a new design”

  2. Enter your screen dimensions then tap Create size.

  3. Do anything you like to your blank canvas, like adding a texture, photo, or graphic.

  4. When you’re finished, tap the checkmark in the upper right corner and save to your camera roll.

  5. Follow the instructions above to set the new wallpaper on your phone.