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Published March 1, 2018

What does Chocolate Rain mean?

Chocolate Rain is an original song by Youtuber, Tay Zonday. It became a viral meme in 2007, thanks to sites like 4chan and Digg. In the lyrics of the song, the term Chocolate Rain itself is intended to be a stand-in for institutional racism.


Examples of Chocolate Rain

@noughtpointfour With all that chocolate, me and @mcpesunil will need A LOT of toilet papers, but it worth the pain haha #ChocolateRain @AbdeGra, February 27, 2017

The only part we really remember is ‘Chocolate Rain’ and his ability to breathe. Yousef Fatehpour, “I had no idea ‘Chocolate Rain’ was about racism,” True Too, June 8, 2016

Chocolate Rain / Seldom mentioned on the radio / Chocolate Rain / It’s the fear your leaders call control Tay Zonday, “Chocolate Rain Lyrics,” MetroLyrics (April 22, 2007)


Why was chocolate rain so popular?

The initial spread of the popularity of the song was due to 4chan. Zonday said, “I’m pretty sure the ‘Chocolate Rain’ attention started as a joke at , an internet forum that is credited with starting lots of popular internet phenomena. It spread to a general audience and people started uploading spoofs.

Tay Zonday on Chocolate Rain Being About Racism and Most People Not Noticing

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