Making time for the things you like doing

Making time for the things you like doing

When: every day choose 1-3 things that are important for you to do that are not work related.  Make time to do this today.

Why: this helps you to be more satisfied in your daily life. It improves your life and helps you get what you really want out of life.

How: Choose the things you like doing. These can be personal, about family,  ways of relaxing, meeting someone, or calling a friend.

When you find what you would like to do TODAY make plans as soon as possible, ideally in the morning.  That means you will succeed in doing what you really want to do rather than jobs that have to be done.

If something needs to be prepared beforehand do it now. For example, you’d like to go to the restaurant for dinner, so call and make a reservation now. Pick up a book on the way to work if you would like to read today.

When you have booked your time for this activity don’t make excuses for not doing it and treat the activity in the same way you would a work commitment.

Most people need to put more fun into their work and more work into their fun.

Enjoy whatever it is you chose to do for relaxation and don’t think about how you could be using this time to get on with a job that needs to be done.



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