Prevention instead of Cure 

Prevention instead of Cure 

When: once a week.

Why: When we are sick we are happy to pay for medicine or take time out from our jobs. But when we are OK we hold on to money and don’t take time out for ourselves. We feel guilty if we take time for ourselves without a reason. Essentially who else can be more important than you.  Your life depends on you! So it’s our responsibility to take care of ourselves and our own lives.

If you have kids you do everything for them first but time to time you need to do stuff for yourself. Otherwise you will collapse or burn out.

If you run a business you need to put energy into that but time to time you need to put energy into yourself.   If you are single and just work it is the same.

We have lot of excuses about not having the time to look after ourselves until it’s too late. It doesn’t need to be anything big. It can be simply a quiet time with a cup of tea. Go for a walk, take up a sport or take a bath. Importantly it’s something that you enjoy and helps you recharge.

How: Make a realistic time. If you are the mother of a baby, maybe 30 minutes a week. If you are single, an hour or so every three days.

Find what it is that helps you to relax and recharge. Be honest with yourself and do it no matter what. Do it regularly. Once a year isn’t enough.

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