About me

My Background

I was born in Czech Republic in 1983. My mother hoped I would fix their marriage but that didn’t work. I had thought that they divorced when I was three-years-old but later on I found out it was when I was seven.

In our family there was a lack of communication. My father wasn’t there for me from an early age. As a kid I was waiting for the day when he would come and save me but that day never happened. Somehow I know he loves me but I don’t have any proof in my daily life. My mother tried her best to look after me and my older sister so she became the more masculine parent. She gave us everything that we needed for our day-to-day living but she was too tired to be there emotionally.

We didn’t visit people so for many years I thought and believed this was normal. There was one more person in my life who was a strong influence and that was my grandfather. I had a good relationship with him until I was 15 when I found out our relationship should not look the way that it did. My life totally collapsed.

It took a lot of time before I got angry and stood up for myself. I started looking at ways to get out of the situation I was in. I did lots of things to pull myself up to where I am now and I believe I will still do more things to grow even more.

My journey has taken me to a lot of places both inside myself and outside too. I lived in England, travelled alone in India and then moved to New Zealand. By that time I had already met people who inspired me and time to time I meet people whom I inspire. This way I have got to where I am now. I feel honoured when people ask me to share more stuff to inspire them. Maybe you will feel inspired and so start inspiring others.

My Qualifications

My life experiences have led me to train as a lifeskills coach, an EFT (Emotionally Freedom Techniques) practitioner and as a bodywork therapist.

I combine all of these skills to help people access and then release their negative energies. This enables them to start living the lives that they want to lead and to enjoy more positive relationships with themselves and with others.

In the past I worked on help line. I been therapist for schizophrenics people who I help to get back to they daily day life. I worked with kids time to time. All this its give me knowledge of how I understand people.

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Somatic education

An advanced professional training program – Core touch certificate