Big thanks and hugs

Big thanks and hugs to my guardian angel in human body Sonia 🙂

I have known Sonia for five years.Last two years I have been through tough times. Difficult break up, loosing self confidence and not knowing where I am going or what I am doing in my 38 years age???

Keeping in touch with Sonia and getting her wise advice on all the critical aspects of life as money, love, carrier, helped me so much. At the moment we are working together on how to get the job that I want. All her affirmations and different point of views of myself, people, relationships and things made a big difference in my life.

She is quite tough lady but I think that we all need this time by time 🙂

There are stages in our lives ,when we all need someone who is neutral, educated and experienced to”kick our bump”with words… And why don’t you try…?