Holistic sensual massage

I met Sona at the course of holistic sensual massage in summer 2017 and then on another course in spring of 2018. Sona is a beautiful soul with deep understanding of all the aspects of life. Her loving look is simply heart opening. Sonia’s slow touch and very dense energy is very relaxing and exciting at the same time. I really recommend to ask her for massage, if you are looking for really body caring and soul nourishing experience.

And one more thing…I will never forget her catchy laughter, capable to cheer up the whole group.

Looking forward to meet again !

This was my first time experiencing mapping by Sonka. I felt very safe and secure the whole time so I was able to go very deep to deep down traumas within myself which I have been holding on to in my private areas since my childhood. It brought up a lot of memories and traumas which was fantastic because then I could deal and heal them. At times it was painful but I knew it was for the better good and the deeper I go the more healing will occur in my life. I love the way Sonka does it, it’s in a very unique way which I haven’t experienced before, it really made me scream, cry, hit the pillow around me when she touched on the spots where the traumas were until they were realised and healed for good. Today I feel more connected with my body than I have ever felt before in my life and I am still doing the practices she introduced me to. I would highly recommended Sonka if you are open for a massive shift within yourself and wanting to feel your body and the connection to your body more and heal old wounds and scars. Much love L

“Vaginal mapping is one of the tools I value on my personal journey to healing and releasing past traumas. I worked with Sonia on several occasions and I will surely choose her as a therapist in the future again. Her experience through her personal journey and her background of life couching allowed her to guide me through the repressed emotions and release them. I felt lighter, more joyful and more free after our sessions. And I am looking forward to continue and go even deeper….. 🙂

I would recommend to any woman. ”

“I had a few sessions with Sona out of curiosity. I wanted to see if vaginal mapping will help me to feel more pleasure during sex. After just few sessions I started to notice the difference. I would recommend it to any woman who wants to feel more happy and free in her life”