Self Belief

Self Belief

These days we often hear the words: believe in yourself.  But how can we believe in ourselves if no one has believed in us until now?

You may know that if you don’t believe in yourself, there’s a bigger chance for you to be a failure and it doesn’t matter that you really gofor what you wantbut something along the way will stop you from achieving your goal.

I’d like you to look and see if there is something similar about the way you have a tendency to fail.  Can it be at the beginning – you have a great idea but before you start you finish because …? Or you start on something and by the third time it hasn’t worked out you give up? Or that you go straight into a project without any research and you fail along the way because of that? If we don’t believe in ourselves we can easily fail along the way just to prove we are not good enough.

So how do we go about changing that?

Start speaking kindly to yourself.  Be gentle on yourself or at the very least don’t say anything about yourself if it’s not positive.

Look at where you stop yourself. After that look at how you can prevent that step. If it’s because you don’t get started, then start to make plans with small steps. If you fail because you don’t have the information you need, do the research and check out the information before you start.

Start supporting someone else with their new idea and this will encourage you to do your own project.

If you can’t get the support you need then start to get the support from within yourself.

Say daily to yourself ‘I can do it and I’m happy to do it.’    

Self belief is a very importantand often we didn’t have that when we were growing up or someone who is important to us takes away that sense of believing in ourselves.  Just take it back. If you can spread positive thoughts around its will make a big difference in your daily life and to others as well. People living on the street or who have depressing lives are in this situation because no one believes in them and they don’t know how to believeinthemselves any more either. Start believing in yourself and support others too.Very often those we look down on need more help and courage from others to stand up and go in a better direction in life.

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