Stop procrastinating!  

Stop procrastinating!  

When: 10 to 15  minutes each day

Why:  Procrastination is the main reason why we fail to reach our goals. We know what we should do but we keep postponing important tasks for later on, for another time. We play games or we surf the web, do small tasks, see friends, we do any and everything, just not that one thing that we need to do.  We do this because concentrating on an important task is often unpleasant. It’s difficult, boring or outside our comfort zone. It’s too easy do stuff that we like doing and have fun instead.

How: Every day make time for getting on with something that needs to be done, a time when you don’t procrastinate.  I find it’s good to do this early in the morning, this way I know I’ve achieved a goal and I can then enjoy my time. Plus I have least resistance at that time.  For the first three days do 5 minutes and start building up after that.

Before you start on a task be sure you have a clear area so nothing will distract you – switch off Facebook, radio or TV, if necessary switch off your telephone, whatever it is that distracts you. You can put a timer on so you know how long you are taking on your task.

First work out what needs to be done. Make a plan before you start.  For example, today I will just collect information. Tomorrow I will just read the information. The day after I will …and this way you don’t get lost.

If you start feeling you want to do something else just stop and take note of that feeling.  Accept it and breathe into it. It’s OK to feel that way.

When you start seeing some results you might want to start on another project at a different time of the day.

Every time you successfully complete the task in your allocated time – whether it’s 15 minutes or however long you chose – reward yourself.  That helps you to keep going and it’s important to be proud of yourself.




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