About vaginal mapping

What is vaginal mapping?

Vaginal mapping is a special tool that will enable you to relax your pelvic floor, sensitize your intimate areas and at the same time you will experience deeper feelings throughout your entire body. You have probably never heard about this therapy before and yet it is so effective. I would not be here offering vaginal mapping if I hadn’t experienced it myself. This method helped me and now I want to share it with you.

Firstly, at the physical level you can discover that your body is able to reach a pleasure higher than you ever thought was possible. So even women who have happy and satisfying sex lives are often pleasantly surprised at how much stronger their experiences can be and how even more beautiful their sex life can be with the added benefit of vaginal mapping.

Secondly, vaginal mapping helps to flush out and take away everything that prevents joy and pleasure. This block may be the result of a number of different experiences in their lives. Many women seek vaginal mapping sessions from experiencing sexual abuse at various levels. Sexual abuse usually has a very negative impact on their intimate relationship, their relationship with themselves and with others with this trauma influencing their whole lives, constantly rising to the surface. From my own experience therapy using words only does not have sufficient effect to make a life changing difference for a woman who has been really deeply damaged. It’s just like the tip of the iceberg. Some relief will come, but without body work, the result does not make much difference.

Thirdly, another factor can be a difficult experience in childbirth as well as injuries after childbirth or surgery that has negatively influenced a woman’s intimate life. As an addition to the mapping I also work with the treatment of scars, if any exist.

You are probably curious about this or maybe afraid of how the process of mapping works. I assure you that the whole process is managed and determined by the woman who is mapped. Vaginal mapping takes time and at the beginning we sit down and talk together. It is good to get to know each other. Then follows a body massage. If you are ready I start with the actual mapping, touching various places around the vagina. But again I can’t stress enough that you are in charge of everything that is happening. We clearly communicate at all times through the whole process. For many women it is a wonderful experience especially as they have full control over what happens to their body. I can’t tell you at the beginning where I will touch you or how long this will take. Everybody is different and everybody needs different therapy. But remember, you are in control at all times.

DENISA RIHA PALECKOVA – About the Vaginal Mapping: Returning to One Another

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After the mapping

After mapping the woman will perceive her vagina as soft and very sensitive, and be able to recognize even subtle nuances of touch pleasure. Through touch we sensitize the whole vaginal tissue at different depths. After the actual mapping process is finished, I give you space to have time to process the change, your new feelings and for you to slowly come back to the “reality of life”. Then follows a talk about what was happening, about your feelings and your experience. Some women need more that one session.

It is very important and amazing for the woman to know that the changes that occur during the mapping are essentially permanent. This means that if she experiences a new pleasurable sensation then that sensation will return and the previous painful sensations will not come back. For example, women who have been sexually abused often don’t experience pleasure from sex. When we work together to change that pain to pleasure I find that women in this situation will not feel that pain again. It is not like somebody massages you your stiff back and soon it is stiff again. Once mapping releases a past experience, that distress does not return back into your body.

Also even for a woman who does have a good sexual life, vaginal mapping can help her deeply connect with herself, understanding herself better and enabling her to reach a higher level of sexual awareness. She will then be able to experience much deeper sexual connection with herself and her partner.

I experienced sexual abuse as a little child. This abuse affected my whole life. I didn’t trust myself, I didn’t trust others and I didn’t feel safe. I had troubles finding friends and I struggled in the social areas of my life in general. Vaginal mapping gave me my freedom back. Suddenly I started to trust myself, I started valuing myself and I started to feel myself. I admit that I needed more than one session. But I connected with my soul and with my inner energy. It was a long path for me, but it gave me a lot. I found a new sexual pleasure. Bur not just that, I found my passion. I found a sex goddess within myself. I still go from time to time for mapping to reconnect with myself and for the pure enjoyment.

Often women seek me out because they want to achieve some improvement in their intimate experience in the area of sexuality, but the result is much wider than this. Thankfully we women can connect with ourselves not only at a sexual level but also within ourselves at a deeper level, within our souls.

If anything from this article speaks to you, if you think it could help you, here is the chance to try it. Do it for yourself, not for anybody else. If you have any questions or you want to try vaginal mapping, don’t hesitate to contact me.


Basic: 3 session $800

Standard: 4 session $1100

Exclusive: 5 session $1300

1 session: $300

Session takes 2.5 – 3 hours

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