5 Weed Tricks To Get The Most Out Of Your High With Little Effort

1. Joint

Call me old fashioned, but for me a good joint is

Call me old fashioned, but for me a good joint is hard to beat. People have been rolling joints for thousands of years, and I’m sure they will still be rolling them a thousand years from now. Sometimes the old ways are the best ways, and this classic method will never go out of style. I like joints because I like the feel of the smoke in my lungs. I like the burn. I like the taste of it, the full aroma and flavor you can only get from burning a joint. I like the head rush. You know immediately how strong it is, and you know when you’ve had enough.

Bonus: Don’t know how to roll a joint? No worries. Check out this definitive guide.


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How long does a dab high last?

Dabs are concentrates, dabbing is vaping – and it’s like smoking a whole bunch of weed leaf at once or munching some mighty medibles. It’s a lot of THC condensed into a single hit. The more weed you do the longer it lasts and your body stores THC and other cannabinoids in your fat cells – obviously, the more fat cells you have the more your body can store, but even super-skinny peeps have some degree of fat in their bodies – it’s just how anatomy works. So, the length of your high, weed leaf or concentrate or even medible, can depend on your personal physiology and metabolism.

The quality of your weed wax or shatter also will affect how long your dab high lasts. ‘Good shit’ can contain an abundance of THC and other buzz-boosting cannabinoids and so the high from better-quality cannabis concentrates will last longer.

A general rule of thumb for highness – and your mileage may definitely vary on this for all of the reasons we just gave – is a high lasting 4-6 hours with edibles, which process more slowly through your digestive system, and highs of 1 to 3 hours with either weed leaf or concentrates, which go directly into your blood pressure and zip right to your brain.

A few of the higher THC weed strains include Bruce Banner with 29% THC, Thin Mint GSC with up to 28% THC, Strawberry Cough with as high as 26% THC, Trainwreck containing 18-25% THC, Chemdawg (or Chem Dog) with between 15-20% THC and Sour Diesel with a range of 19-25% THC – there are many more!

Take a tolerance break

One major way to feel more stoned is to get stoned less often. If you are a strictly recreational and moderate consumer of cannabis, you can probably attest to feeling a bit smacked in the head when you pick it up again, whereas a daily or medical consumer may need a more potent punch to feel the vibe. Taking what’s called a “T break” (short for tolerance) for a period of time reflective of your consumption habits gives your body’s CB receptors a chance to reset.

Hack 4 – Lighting

Although you can grow marijuana without optimal access to light, the more it is exposed to, the better the yield and potency. This mantra is especially relevant during the vegetative stage. Ideally, you will give the plants at least 18 hours of light per day. When you switch to the flowering stage, your crop still requires 12 hours of lighting daily, to go with the 12 hours of constant darkness.

As for growing lights, you have several options:

As for growing lights, you have several options:

  • Fluorescent Grow Lights: This class of lighting includes CFLs and T5s. They are inexpensive, don’t use much electricity, and offer a decent light spectrum. However, they are not a good option if a high-THC strain is your goal.
  • High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Lights: These are more powerful and efficient than fluorescents. The HID range includes Metal Halide (MH), High-Pressure Sodium (HPS), and Light Emitting Ceramic lights. In general, you get the best yield to watt ratio with HIDs. Downsides include a propensity for the bulbs to get very hot.
  • LED Lights: LEDs have become a popular alternative to HPS lighting. You can potentially plug them into a wall, and hang them over the plants. Some breeders believe that LEDs provide more resinous plants. If you use this type of lighting, make sure you provide ample space between the lamp and your plants.
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6. Vape

Vaping is all the rage these days, and for good re

Vaping is all the rage these days, and for good reason! That reason is called science.

You see, marijuana begins to combust at around 200°C. But the cannabinoids in the plant (i.e. the THC and other chemicals that get you high) begin to vaporize at more like 170°C. And that little window in between there is a sweet spot where you can vaporize and inhale all the good stuff without burning the plant itself.

The taste is cleaner, because, well… no smoke. It’s also more efficient. A lot of the cannabinoids that make us feel so wonderful can be destroyed during combustion. Vaping keeps the good stuff from going up in flames, meaning you get more active ingredient per gram of pot. Meaning you get higher.

Any questions?

2) Water Cure for Weed

Pot smoking and medible eating can seriously dry you out; dehydration can add to the dizziness and nausea that you may already be feeling from bingeing on your buds. Drinking water will dilute the concentration of THC in your bloodstream and serve as how to get unhigh quickly. Most cannabis strain reviews – and we oughta know, we’ve written more than a few ourselves – generally mention dry mouth and dry eyes as among the most common side effects of weed smoking, and it applies as well to eating decarboxylated weed baked in a brownie. You can reduce negative effects by staying hydrated to begin with before, during and after toking or eating pot – but when the high sucker-punches you in the back of the skull, then guzzling some water can help start the process. Combining drinking a lot of water with taking ibuprofen, like we mentioned above, certainly makes all kinds of good sense.

Once you drink some water to come back from the marijuana high, it can take about 45 minutes to an hour or so for the water to pass through your stomach and kidneys and get distributed throughout your body – but because your body’s fat cells store THC and because eating weed edibles time releases the effects for hours, you will still feel some dehydration effects for 2-3 hours if you smoked it and up to six hours if you ate it. Water isn’t a fast cure, but the compounded effects of cannabis and the dryness that results from consuming a lot of cannabis, via your lungs or digestively, will be reduced the less dehydrated you become.

Orange or lemon juice and weed, as a cure for being stoned out of your gourd, could be even more effective in rehydrating you and stopping your high – for one thing, the sugar in the orange juice can boost your metabolism and restore your electrolytes, and since citrus juices contain water it can also rehydrate you and thus reduce the dizziness and nausea of desert dryness after dabbing, toking or munching an edible.

How Many Edibles Do You Need To Eat?

Knowing how much weed to use is about finding your own personal boundaries. With smoking, the effects are felt very quickly so you usually know when you’ve had enough. Edibles are a different story which is why you have to be very careful with them. The effects from edibles are typically felt 45 minutes – 2 hours after it’s eaten. This means you could take too much and not even know it until the rush hits you.

So, how much edibles is good then? The state of Colorado recommends a 10mg dosage for first-time users, and I agree. Edibles hit everyone differently. I personally don’t feel anything on 10mg, but I have a friend who can get lit off the same amount. This is why you have to find your own personal boundary. Make sure to wait at least 2 hours before eating more edibles, but ideally wait until the next day to up the dosage.

If you’re eating homemade edibles you may run into some problems since there really isn’t any way to know the potency of the edible. Have someone experienced try them first to find out their strength. Also, take a very small amount (think one bite or less) if you are unsure about the potency.

As a regular user, I typically take between 50-100mg at a time depending on how high I want to get. Let us know how much you normally eat, smoke, or vape in the comments.

Hack 2 Harvesting

There is a maximum three-week window where you can harvest with confidence. Make a move too late, and some of the strain’s THC becomes the less desirable cannabinoid, CBN. Harvest too soon, and you come nowhere near the plant’s full potential. During the best period for harvesting, the trichomes become milky white, and the pistils change color from white to a reddish/brown. Here is what to look for:

The ovaries begin to swellFlowers are sticky to th

  • The ovaries begin to swell
  • Flowers are sticky to the touch
  • The flowers merge into large colas
  • There is an intense smell from the herb, even though you have excellent airflow
  • Several of the larger leaves are now yellow
  • Up to 70% of the pistils are curled in

You can’t accurately analyze the trichomes without a magnifying glass, such as a jeweler’s loupe. There are typically three stages of trichome evolution:

  1. The trichomes have a flat head and do not yet possess the mushroom head. They are also clear. In this case, the plant is not ready for harvest.
  2. The color changes from clear to a milky white hue. This is the peak stage for harvesting if the goal is to benefit from high-THC weed.
  3. The trichomes’ color is now light brown. At this point, much of the THC is now CBN. It is arguably the peak level of CBD production. If you harvest weed at this stage, your high has a narcotic feel.

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How to Make Weed High Last Longer

Now that you know what things you can do on how to enhance your high, you’re probably wondering how to make your weed high last longer. All of the methods we discussed above are excellent for achieving both goals. They intensify the effects of THC, which in turn makes those effects linger for a longer amount of time.

There are a couple of other things you can do to make a weed high last longer. First up is a method known as hotboxing. The term refers to smoking in a small, enclosed space with little to no ventilation. When you light up your joint, pipe, or bong, the area fills with smoke. With the smoke lingering in the air, your high is likely to last longer than if you were to smoke in an open or well-ventilated room. 

Another option you can try is drinking alcohol while you smoke. Research shows that alcohol can increase your THC absorption. That can make your high stronger and last longer. You’ll want to be careful if you choose to use this method, though, as mixing substances can lead to effects you weren’t anticipating. This won’t only make the weed high last longer, but it is also a way on how to enhance your high.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking to take your weed experiences to the next level, why not look at how to enhance your high? You have many ways to boost your high, letting you get the most out of each session. The best news is that learning different ways to get higher off weed and how to make a weed high last longer are easy (well, the tolerance break is debatable). From eating foods that boost your high to alternating between various methods of cannabis use, you’re sure to find a trick or two that gives you the enhanced experiences you’ve been looking to enjoy. 

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