Customer's package was stolen

Reporting a stolen package to the police

You should call the police if you suspect that the parcel that was left at the doorstep is stolen. When you are reporting a stolen the package from the apartment building, doorstep, or mailbox, the police will consider two situations:

  • The building has surveillance cameras. If the building has cameras, this will ease the process, and the police will be able to identify the thief, and hopefully, return your parcel.
  • The building or apartment does not have surveillance cameras. As law enforcement will not be able to identify anyone without cameras, they will ask for witnesses. They will contact the neighbours or someone else that was at the scene around that hour will help them identify the person that stole the package from the apartment building.

The first indication that the parcel left at your doorstep was stolen is if the tracking status says “Delivered parcel”, but you have not received the package. If the tracking tool does not show that the parcel was delivered, it may not be time to panic yet, and it may just be a delay.

Nonetheless, before you take action to report the stolen package to the police, also make sure that it is not at the neighbours, or somewhere around the house. Sometimes, even though it is not a common practice, the courier driver may leave it there.


How to prevent stolen packages from my apartment building?

  • Ask the seller or the courier not to leave the packages without your signature.
  • Tell the seller that if they do not find you at home to leave the package at the apartment managers officeif the building policy allows it.
  • Try installing a CCTV camera if you have not already done it. By doing so, you will be able to see who is stealing your packages, whether it is someone from the building or an outsider.