Dropbox is slow and only uploads at fraction of download speed

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“I’m using Dropbox to upload files, but it always costs much of my time. What’s going on here?” – A post from a popular forum recently. There are many comments under the post complaining about the same problem. To solve this issue, we’ve compiled 3 methods on how to solve slow upload speed on Dropbox.

However, before learning methods to solve the Dropbox slow upload issue, we should first understand the reason why Dropbox upload is slow. Apart from Dropbox upload slow, does the issue of Dropbox sync slow happen as well? If you are interested, please read this article to find out the answer.


Whyis Dropbox syncing so slow?

Dropbox is a web-based file cloud storage and sync service. Its excellent sync function allows users to keep their files up to date on computers, mobile phones, and tablets. And as long as you edit the document through Dropbox on one device, these changes will be synced, and you can access the latest version of the file on other devices.

However, as users become more and more dependent on the sync function, many users also report that Dropbox takes forever to sync. Why is Dropbox stuck syncing? As an Internet hosting service, the reasons for the Dropbox sync very slow usually have the following points:

  • Dropbox has limited bandwidth. To avoid infecting the Internet connection, Dropbox will limit its sync speed by default.

  • There is a problem with the Internet connection, which affects the speed of Dropbox.

  • The firewall or antivirus software on the computer may prevent the normal operation of Dropbox.

  • The Dropbox application itself or the Dropbox server malfunctioned, causing the Dropbox sync to get stuck.

Part 2: How to Make Dropbox Upload Faster

Now& we will list out the steps below to help

Now& we will list out the steps below to help you upload to Dropbox faster. Go through these steps carefully.

Step 1: First of all& you will be required to click on the icon of Dropbox present in the taskbar.

Step 2: Then& the next step is to click on the Gear icon& which is the icon for Settings. Then& click on Preferences.

Step 3: You will see a Network tab& click on C

Step 3: You will see a Network tab& click on Change Settings& which is present below the Bandwidth.

Step 4: Now& you will see the “Upload rate” option& change it to “Don’t Limit”.

Step 5: The final step involves clicking on the Up

Step 5: The final step involves clicking on the Update button. That’s all you have to do to solve the problem of slow Dropbox upload.

With the help of these steps& we have removed the limits on the upload speed successfully. Therefore this process can really be beneficial for Dropbox faster upload. So& that was an easy and quick method. Of course& it’s quite easy to implement even if you are a beginner (have just started using Dropbox).


Thanks for reading! We hope this article can give you clear ideas on the reasons for Dropbox slow upload and the effective methods to fix that problem. You can solve the problem by setting up unlimited bandwidth of Dropbox, checking the network connection, and closing any other running applications when uploading files on Dropbox. In the end, there is also a simple way to avoid Dropbox slow upload issue – by using MultCloud.

Since MultCloud is web-based, users don’t need to install the app. All you need to do is to sign up for an account and add the clouds you need. Then you could do any operations here. In short, users who find Dropbox slow in uploading files can try MultCloud for help. Moreover, MultCloud can also transfer from one cloud to another seamlessly without download-and-reupload, which can save much time and energy.

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Part 4: Is There a Fastest Way to Upload to Dropbox?

Now& it’s time for another amazing method to help you get the fastest way to upload to Dropbox. So& let’s get started.

First of all& you need to realize that sometimes people forget to update the version of Dropbox they are using on their PC. This happens because& as such& there are Dropbox does not offer notifications regarding updating to a newer version. As a result& people end up using outdated versions.

In order to update to the latest version of Dropbox so that you& the Dropbox upload speeds increase& follow the procedure provided below.

Step 1: Go to the official website of Dropbox i.e.

Step 1: Go to the official website of Dropbox i.e.& the Dropbox Download page.

Step 2: We have a special tip for you& you should always download the newer version of Dropbox by clicking on the link provided at the bottom of the Download page& instead of clicking on the Download button.

By clicking on the link& the newer version will be installed via the offline installer download.

Also& note that in case you face any issues regarding the installation or the two methods provided above for increasing the upload speed in Dropbox& you should consider getting in contact with the Dropbox support.

What do the bandwidth limitations mean?

When you add or change files in the Dropbox desktop app, your changes are reflected everywhere you access your files in Dropbox. Your upload rate affects how fast this happens. When you add or change files on dropbox.com or anywhere else you access your files in Dropbox, those changes are reflected in the Dropbox desktop app. Your download rate affects how fast this happens.

Both of these actions use your internet bandwidth. Your internet has a limited amount of bandwidth, and many applications on your computer may be using your internet bandwidth at the same time.

  • If you’d like to allow Dropbox the maximum amount of bandwidth that’s possible, and potentially increase the speed of the Dropbox desktop app, choose Don’t limit
  • If you’d like to speed up your other non-Dropbox applications, but potentially slow down the Dropbox desktop app, choose Limit to and choose how many KB/s (kilobytes per second) of bandwidth you’d like the Dropbox desktop app to use.
  • If you’d like to allow Dropbox to choose for you, choose Limit automatically. (This is only available for upload rate).

Note: The amount of bandwidth the Dropbox desktop app uses isn’t the only thing that affects how fast Dropbox or your other applications are running. It also depends on the internet service you have with your ISP (Internet Service Provider). To check your internet speed, you can use one of the many free internet speed tests available online. Or, check our solving sync issues article.