How to delete all old messages from iPhone and save storage space

How to Delete Messages on iPhone 6 (can be recovered)

1 Erase the Single Text Message iPhone 6

Erasing single message on your iPhone is possible. It is tremendously easy if you want to delete a single message. This option helps to erase any trace of a message between you and the recipient on your iPhone. You can follow the steps below to delete messages on iPhone 6:

Step 1: Open your message on the iPhone Step 2: Click on the conversation that contains the messages that you wish to delete Step 3: When the conversation is open, select the message you want to delete and wait for the menu to display. Tap more when the list display. Step 4: An icon will appear close to each message Step 5: Click on the icon next to the message to mark the message you want to delete. A checkbox will display to indicate that the message will be removed. Step 6: Go through all the messages you want to erase on your iPhone Step 7: Tap the delete icon button at the left corner of your home screen to delete your message.

2 Erase Text Messages Conversation on iPhone 6

Deleting your text messages conversation at once is easy. You can follow the steps below to erase text messages conversation on iPhone 6:

Step 1: Firstly, click on messages to delete a text messages conversation Step 2: Click on messages at the top right corner to check the list of your conversations Step 3: When you open your conversation, you will see the list of all your messages conversation Step 4: Select the conversation you wish to delete. There are two options: Click on the Edit button at the top left corner of your screen or swipe left or right across it. Tap the icon to the left of every conversation you wish to delete from your iPhone. Step 5: A delete icon will display at the right if you swiped across the conversation. Step 6: If you use the “Edit” icon, a delete button will display at the bottom right corner of your screen when you select only one conversation. Step 7: Finally, select any of the buttons to delete the conversation.

Part 2. Delete Text Messages on iPhone Directly

If you have enough time to delete your text messages on iPhone, then you could follow this way. It is very simple to delete text messages one by one or wipe them out at one time.

◆ If you use latest iOS versions, you can open your “Messages” > Tap the three-dot icon > Choose “Select Messages” > Check all messages that you want to delete > Tap “Delete” to delete selected messages.

◆ If your iPhone runs iOS 8, then you could go to “Messages” app > Hit “Edit” > Choose the messages that you want to delete > Tab “Delete”to delete single specific message. (See how to delete iMessages apps on iPhone)

◆ If you want to delete all old messages on

◆ If you want to delete all old messages on iPhone, then you need to go to “Settings” > “Messages” > “Keep Messages” to keep old messages for 30 days and delete them at a time.

◆ If your iPhone runs iOS 7, hit the person'

◆ If your iPhone runs iOS 7, hit the person’s name from “Message” to see all the messages that you send to and receive from this person. Press and hold the message that you want to delete from iPhone, click “More…” > Choose the messages that you want to remove > Hit the trash icon on the left bottom side > Tab “Delete Message” to delete your messages on iPhone.

◆ Alternatively, you are allowed to go to

◆ Alternatively, you are allowed to go to “Messages” > Slide the message to left or right to wipe out the message one by one. But it seems time-wasting for deleting lots of text messages on iPhone.

◆  If your iPhone runs iOS 6 or before, then

◆ If your iPhone runs iOS 6 or before, then you are able to follow this way to delete one specific message on iPhone.

In your “Message” interface on your iPhone, click the name of the person whom you want to delete the messages exchange with, click “Edit” on the right top corner > Checkmark the messages that you want to delete > Tab “Delete” on the left bottom corner to confirm that you want to delete the messages.

The above way to delete text messages on iPhone directly is very easy. But do you think you are really deleting those text messages completely? Have you notice “Other” on your iPhone? If you rely on test messages on your iPhone, then your messages cache will be part of “Other”. And when you use an iPhone recovery app to recover your deleted text messages, you will find they will appear on your iPhone. Such way of deleting text message really makes you feel relieved from a sale of your iPhone on eBay? Actually, not. You may release your private information from messages on iPhone.

So, iPhone Cleaner should be your first choice to delete your iPhone text messages permanently.


Frequently Asked Questions

In case we didn’t answer all of your questions above, we’ve included this section. Keep reading for more information about Apple’s text messages.

Can I recover deleted messages?

This really depends on how, where, and when you deleted your messages. Although there are a lot of third-party websites that promise you they can revive your deleted messages, this really isn’t likely in some cases.

If you deleted a text from your iPhone and there was a recent backup to the iCloud, you can restore your iPhone with those deleted messages. If you deleted the messages from your iCloud there isn’t a way to get them back.

If I delete a message from my iPhone, will it also delete from my other iOS devices?

Yes, but this won’t automatically delete them from your iCloud. However, if you delete messages out of your iCloud, it’s a real possibility that they’ll also disappear from your phone.

Be mindful when deleting anything on an iOS device. As nice as it is to have everything connected through iCloud, when you make a change on one device it will affect all of your devices. You can eliminate this problem by turning off your iCloud library in the settings.

My phone’s storage is full, will deleting my messages help?

If your iPhone storage is full, it won’t allow you to update or download apps, take pictures, or even get new messages. Assuming you aren’t partial to your texts there’s nothing wrong with deleting them but comparatively speaking they’re not very large files.

If you’re looking to clean up some storage on your phone, start with videos and applications first. Removing these will free up more space than deleting all of your texts (unless you have millions of messages which is certainly possible in 2021).

How do I delete my text messages on my Apple Watch?

Unfortunately, Apple only lets us delete an entire conversation on the Apple Watch so if there’s only one message you’d like to get rid of, you’ll have to also delete them all.

To delete an entire conversation from your Apple Watch navigate to the messaging app and scroll to the message thread you’d like to delete. Then. swipe to the left. A trash can icon will appear. Tap it then confirm by tapping ‘Trash.’

Solution 2: How to Delete Individual Messages from iPhone

Now that you have gone through the process of erasing all messages from iPhone, how about knowing how to individually deleting a single message? You can delete a single message from a conversation thread.

Step 2. Click on the dots against other messages, if you want to delete and hit the trash-can icon. Now, confirm your actions by hitting ‘Delete Message’

As we have already mentioned text messages are not

As we have already mentioned text messages are not actually removed from the iPhone in this way. They are still recoverable from the iPhone database and are searchable using the ‘Spotlight’.

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Solution 5: How to Delete iPhone Messages from iTunes Backup

In case your iPhone has been backed up using iTunes then the deleted messages from iPhone will be found here and you can recover them. As you need to ensure that the messages are not to be recovered, it’s wise to delete them from iTunes as well.

The major disadvantage of this method is just like iCloud, it deletes the entire backup file while erasing messages from your iPhone. You can’t specifically delete messages only from your iTunes backup.

Step 1. Launch iTunes on your computer that you have already synced your iPhone with. As we know, without syncing iTunes can’t manage your iPhone backup

Tap on ‘iTunes’ from the menu bar at the top of your screen and then click on the ‘Preferences’ tab from the drop-down menu.

Step 2. After that you need to tap on the ‘Devices

Step 2. After that you need to tap on the ‘Devices’ tab and then pick the desired iTunes backup file of your iPhone. Click the ‘Delete Backup’ button found on the bottom-right corner

You will see a pop-up window that asks you for con

You will see a pop-up window that asks you for confirmation. Click ‘Delete’ there and then ‘OK’. Your iTunes backup containing the text messages will be gone forever.

Part 2 : How to delete all text messages on iPhone

If you would like to remove all text messages on your iOS device, it is unnecessary to tap each text message to clear them one by one. Here we provide a more quickly and convenient way to delete all text messages on your iPhone:

Step 1. Launch Message app

Open "Message" app on your iPhone by tapping on its icon, which is a white dialog box in green background on the home screen.

Step 2. Tap on "Edit" option

Then you can see the list of all conversations. Tap the "Edit" button in the upper left corner, and you are able to see a circle in front of each conversation.

Step 3. Tick all the conversations

To delete all the text messages in your iPhone, tick all the circle of each conversation, and go to click on the "Delete" button in the bottom right corner.

Step 4. Check the deletion again.

Check if you have ticked all the conversations again. Once you tapped on the "Delete" button, all the text messages will be erased in a moment.

Sometimes, you may also face the situation that iM

Sometimes, you may also face the situation that iMessage not working. Check here to fix iMessage not delivered error on iPhone.

Part 2: Why You Need to Know How to Delete Messages on iPhone Permanently

Before Selling or Donating Your iDevice

If you are using a brand new iPhone, you may think that you don’t need to know how to delete messages permanently. But, do you own the same device for your entire life? No right? What if you sell it in the future? What if you lost it? What if you donate it or give it to your other relatives? There may be a lot of private messages stored in your device, so you might think again before saying you don’t need to know how.

Here are some things you need to consider before selling or donating your iDevice.

  1. Your device health. What are the existing issues of your device? Does it affect the performance? Is it a major issue? Remember that issues affect the value of your device. The more the issues are, the lesser the value will be. Also, include the scratches and cracks if there’s any so that the buyer will be aware. It is better to provide an actual photo when making an offer.
  2. Current price of device. You can’t sell your device basing on its release price. Note that the value of each phone decreases every season since there are new phones being released.
  3. Learn the specs. Of course, be honest with the phone specification. You should know the exact specs too. The value also depends on the specs.
  4. Additional Charges. How far can you go? What if the buyer is from other city? How are you going to deliver the item? Is there any additional fee?
  5. Is your phone clean? I mean, have you removed all your data? Private information needs to be secured before selling anything so better check it first.

Consider in Buying Used iPhone

Consider in Buying Used iPhone

On the other hand, here are things to consider in buying used iPhone.

  1. Check the condition. Buying used device without checking its condition is very risky. You can’t but this or that just because has a good physical appearance. What matter most is the performance.
  2. Price check. Watch the price; you can’t buy a 3-year-old device with the same price as a 3-month-old device even if there are no issues.
  3. Policy return. Is there any warranty? What if there’s an issue after the day you bought the product? Can you return it and asked for a refund? It is not advisable to buy a product without any warranty. You will never know if there’s any hidden issue.
  4. RFS or reason for selling. If he or she just selling her device without any reason for a very low price it may be a kind of “too good to be true”, or a scam especially if it offers the product for shipping only. Better yet, think again.
  5. Does it worth the price? In reality, there’s a lot of smartphone being released, either a better or cheaper model. If you are buying a used one, analyze carefully- does this phone deserve this amount? What if there’s a better offer for this amount?
  6. Is this unit or model is what you want? You can’t buy a phone just because it’s cheap. It must be your ideal and type. What will happen if you end up buying a mobile that is not your choice? You will basically look for other that matches you, at the end, you did more expenses that the usual.

2. How to Permanently Delete Text Messages from iPhone with FoneEraser for iOS

One tool that can indeed assist you in deleting text messages from your iPhone permanently is FoneEraser for iOS. What does this tool do? Well, this program is excellent and is known for permanently erasing all iPhone content and settings. You can erase any data on your iPhone/iPad/iPod to safeguard your privacy by selecting one of three wiping levels. So, can you use this tool to delete text messages? Of course, yes! With just a few clicks in FoneEraser for iOS, you can permanently remove text messages and other data on iPhone. The following are the steps on how to delete those text messages for good.

Steps on How to Permanently Delete Text Messages from iPhone with FoneEraser for iOS:

Step 1First and foremost, download and install FoneEraser for iOS on your computer. When the installation process is through, the tool will be automatically launched.

                      Step 2 Next, connect iPhone

Step 2Next, connect iPhone to your computer using a USB cable.

        Step 3 On the main interface of the tool,

Step 3On the main interface of the tool, click the Erase All Data. Then, you will see options on the Security Level, and the decision is yours: Low, Middle, or High.

        Step 4 Finally, click Start. To begin the

Step 4Finally, click Start. To begin the deleting of data. And, that’s it.

That’s how you can easily and quickly remove

That’s how you can easily and quickly remove or delete your messages and all others from your iPhone. But, note that we see from the instruction that we choose the Erase All Data. That means all the data from your iPhone will be deleted, but not selectively. You can not specifically delete messages from this tool.

FoneEraser for iOS

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  • Clean unwanted data from iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
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