How to dispose of prescription pill bottles

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For safety (and obvious) reasons, your pills will not be reused or recycled but will be disposed of properly, likely through incineration. A number of Walgreens stores, for instance, will allow you to drop off pills and bottles.

Step 11: Getting Fancy

Storage Upgrades:There are several ways to customize or upgrade your containers from simple lidded containers to something more…

  • Label them
  • Paint them
  • Screw the tops to the bottom of a shelf for a series of hanging containers
  • Connect two bottles to one top for more storage with two compartments
  • Use them as a basis for a Batman-esque Utility belt
  • Glue a magnet to the inside (or outside) of the lid to hang it from metal surfaces

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If you’re looking for a lube, you should avoid anything based on petroleum jelly or mineral oil, including baby oil. If you see anything that says “oil” or “petroleum,” the lube won’t be safe to use with a condom. Most over-the-counter personal lubricants are safe for most people if used as directed.

Last case scenario: Destroy the pills, then chuck ’em

Assuming that the drugs in question aren’t on the FDA list of flush-worthy pills, the FDA recommends that you make the meds as unappetizing as possible. Mix the pills up with something like dirt, cat litter, or used coffee grounds (without crushing the tablets themselves), then put the lovely milieu into a sealed plastic bag. This way if anyone does find your pills in the trash, they’ll be less likely to want take them—especially if the cat litter is used.

How To Dispose Of EMPTY 1lb Propane Cylinders

Once you have established that your propane tank is empty, you can properly dispose of it. Depending on where you are camping, there are several options to legally dispose of your empty camping propane tanks.

Can Your Throw 1 Pound Propane Cylinders In The Trash?

If you have exhausted all options to find hazardous waste haulers, a hazardous waste disposal site, and local public collection events, many propane suppliers and retailers suggest you empty, then, safely properly puncture the cylinder so it is not pressurized before throwing it in the trash. NOTE: This is NOT legal in many areas so you must know the local laws and proceed with guidance from local officials.

Step 8: Storage (On-The-Go)

On-The-Go:Okay, if there’s one time that these little plastic wonders really shine, it’s when you’re on-the-go. Any time you want a little bit of something contained, easy to find, easy to grab and carry, and you want to keep it dry (or for that matter, want to keep it wet), prescription bottles fit the bill.

(30) First Aid Kit – Simply traveling around town you might find a need for Band-Aids, alcohol wipes, small containers of Triple Antibiotic, cotton balls, Q-tips and the like. However, if you go hiking or canoeing and the like, then having these items in a water-proof, floating container can be a real life-saver.

(31) Bobby Pins – These wonders of hair styling have been around forever, but any given bobby pin could leave at any given time. Make sure you have some in reserve.

(32) Safety Pins – Whether it’s for closing cloth diapers or temporarily fixing an unexpected wardrobe malfunction, safety pins can help hold your life together when you really need it. They come in a variety of sizes, but most fit quite comfortably in a standard prescription bottle.

(33) Duct Tape – No, a roll of duct tape can’t possibly fit inside of such a small bottle, right? No, not with that large cardboard roll in the center, but, as you will notice, the sticky side of duct tape is not difficult to remove from the non-sticky side of duct tape… that’s how you unspool it in the first place. So, take a small dowel (or piece of a broken pencil) and carefully start rolling some tape off of the roll and onto your dowel to make a much smaller spool. Now, you just need a prescription bottle that’s tall enough that you can put the lid on it with the dowel inside and you need to make sure that you stop adding duct tape before it’s too thick around to fit in the bottle. -OR- If you don’t care about maintaining the small size of the bottle or keeping your duct tape dry, you can use the bottle itself as the new spool, and carefully wrap your duct tape around the outside of the bottle. You’ll end up with a smaller roll of duct tape with a nifty storage container at its center, perfect for a mini-Sharpie for labeling what you pack.

(34) Toll Container – You know where you have to go and what sort of tolls you’ll encounter. Keep a prescription bottle filled with the appropriate amount of coins or bills and you’re set. Keep it in the glove box or the side pocket so a thief doesn’t break into your car for the money – or thinking that it’s prescription medicine.

(35) Sewing Kit – I’ve bought many a sewing kit in my life. I am not sure why they always seem to come in little rectangular plastic boxes that break upon purchase, but that’s been my experience. In the right size prescription bottle, three of those little spools of emergency thread fit side by side in a layer. I can fit nine spools of thread along with a couple of needles in that stupid piece of foam in a single prescription bottle. If you’re planning a business trip, reduce your spool selection to the colors you might need and you’ll have room for a few emergency buttons, as well.

(36) Plastic Bags – Gloria Campos on About My Planet had this awesome one. You can neatly store a few plastic sandwich bags or even compressed grocery bags in a prescription bottle, so when you find you need one… you have one.[6]

(37) Paracord – there is a very strong cord known as paracord. Further, there are some really cool survival bracelets made of paracord. The idea is that, when an emergency occurs and you need a nice length of strong cord, you unravel the bracelet and use it to save a life or whatnot. Well, if you can’t get it back into its bracelet form, simply roll it up into a prescription bottle and you’ll have it ready for your next emergency.

(38) Ear Buds – Keep your earbuds in a prescription bottle to prevent the cord from getting tangled and snagged on things.[8]

(39) Travel Jewelry Box – When you stay in a hotel, where do you put your earrings and rings at night? My wife and I would often simply select a certain spot on the hotel furniture, but we received a few scares when one of us moved either the jewelry or something that ended up hiding the jewelry. For more peace of mind, carry along a prescription bottle with a spongy foam insert that is roughly finger shaped. compress the sponge to put your ring onto the foam and pinch the foam to push your earrings into it for safekeeping.

(40) Wet Napkins – Whether it be Wet Naps, Wet Wipes or personal cleansing towels, they need to stay wet, but you don’t want them to wet everything else that you carry in your bag or purse. Take a few and wrap them around your finger, then insert them into a prescription bottle and you’re ready to go. You can carry them in your backpack, purse, or even your pocket.

(41) Flushable Wipes – When you need these, you need them. These are much like Wet Napkins, above, but for dirtier jobs that you would want to flush, rather than throwing in the garbage. Keep a few in a medicine bottle to keep them ready for use and slip the bottle in your pocket before you head into the rest room.

(42) Dry Feet – Going canoeing? Swimming? To work and it’s raining heavily? Getting your feet wet in the morning can put a damper on your whole day. Shoes generally will dry out much quicker and easier than socks. If only there were a way to bring a second pair of socks with you and keep them dry until you need them. (There is.) This will require larger bottles, thinner socks or, perhaps, both.

(43) Emergency Fishing Gear – Fill a prescription bottle with a couple of hooks, a weight or two, a length of fishing line and a button. When you want to use the gear, find a suitable pole (actually, the pole is optional), thread the button on the fishing line, push the button into the prescription bottle and put the cap on the bottle with the button inside and the fishing line threaded into the bottle and back out, under the cap. You can use the bottle as a float to keep your hook at the desired depth. At the end of the day, clean your gear and stow it back in the bottle.

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Question: how do you re-use catheters?

Answer: I'm not a trained doctor or nurse, so have no information on this topic. I did find an article about reusing catheters:

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Bring your meds to a police department, especially on Saturday, April 28th

From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on April 28th, the DEA is promoting National Prescription Drug Take Back Day. Lots of pharmacies and police stations will be advertising their disposal boxes, and it’s a great time to clean out your medicine cabinet. You can search for participating locations here.

How to Recycle the Bottles

  • Take them back to the pharmacy. Most pharmacies recycle. Some have a charge for recycling them (like 5 cents).
  • Save them for your humane society. They get pet meds in bulk and use the bottles for their meds. (Call first to be sure your local society needs them.)
  • Check with a local veterinarian to see if they can use them.
  • Donate to a school that collects them. There's a process to melt them down and pour the melted plastic into molds to make benches. Here's how they make the benches.
  • Some churches collect them for use in medical shipments to Africa. Go to Matthew 25 Ministries link to see the instructions and types of pill bottles they need.
  • Pill containers are a level 5 recyclable, which means some local recycling plants do not want them mixed in with regular plastic. Gimme 5 Recycling takes these containers. Check for drop-off locations near you by clicking on the link. Many of these are at Whole Foods stores.

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