How to pee in a urinal

Handheld Urinals

Handheld urinals are generally portable devices people use when there is no access to the toilet. Urinals are designed for men and women, both of which are quite similar to one another. There are several things you need to know about a urinal bottle before being able to use them.

There are many types and brands of urinals available to both men and women. Some men, in a case to case basis, prefer to use female urinals. There are lots of variations to choose from, so you need to look carefully into each of them. Urinal bottles give people the liberty to manage toileting in a dignified and sanitary way anywhere.

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Serious Business

Question: What's worse than a guy peeing in a stall next to you and hearing him walk out the door without washing his hands….?

Answer: A guy peeing next to you without a stall between you and him. Who cares if he washes his hands?

Here's a pop quiz for the guys. There are 5 urinals on the wall. You just walked in the bathroom and I am using the urinal all the way to the right. Which urinal do you use?

  1. If you answered "the one next to me," you get an F. (You are creepy and you just made me stop peeing midstream!)
  2. If you answered "the one furthest from me," you get a C (You at least created more space between us, and I can still finish peeing)
  3. If you answered "none, go pee in a stall on the opposite wall, after faking like you had to use toilet paper to blow your nose," you get an A (not only did you create space but you also have a barrier between you and the other guy, and you can both pee in a state of peace and tranquility)
  4. If you answered "I would leave and find another bathroom" You get an F (You are more paranoid than most guys and may end up peeing yourself)

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How To Use A Urinal Bottle FAQs

What is the most effective way of using a urinal bottle?

You can try and practice by placing and urinal to the right place without the need to remove clothing. Try urinating in a urinal that you think is suitable for you. This is the best way to find out which urinal best suits your needs. You may also make some tiny alterations to your clothes, such as replacing your zipper with Velcro. That way, you can pee more quickly when needed.

How do I clean these urinals?

Remember that only reusable urinals may be cleaned. You may wash reusable urinals with soap and water. An anti-bacterial spray is also recommended to disinfect the whole thing. However, if there are specific instructions by the product’s manufacturer, then you should follow those requirements.

What must be done to a disposable urinal?

These disposable urinals are made of cardboard. Hence, they are only for single use. After use, they should be emptied immediately after wrapping with paper. You should throw this in a place where clinical wastes are supposed to be thrown. In hospitals where disposable urinals are widely used, they use a macerator.

Where can I buy handheld urinals?

The price and the place where you can buy these urinals vary from country to country. It may also vary on the design of the handheld urinal, which means that it is not possible to provide an actual price range for these products.

Mens Bathroom Etiquette on YouTube

This almost creepy YouTube video below sums up some of the the main rules of the men's restroom. I thought it was interesting even though it gets a little over the top toward the end.

if your are inexperienced and wonder if any of the video is true to real life. I can attest it is 100% correct, even the part where the entire social structure of the world becomes chaos.