How to Spot a Fake (or a Bot) Tinder Profile

How to tell if a Tinder profile is fake

Spotting a fake account isn’t that hard. You just need to choose a efficient people search tool and let it verify your prospective date automatically.

1. Social Catfish

Social Catfish is a professional online dating investigative service. With a comprehensive database of public records and advanced facial recognition technology, it enables you to check someone’s real identity easily. You can run a regular search or search by a photo to uncover hidden personal information.

Covering most dating platforms such as Tinder, Match, POF, etc, Social Catfish is the best tool to help people avoid online dating scams. Below is how to to verify a Tinder profile.

1) Visit the Social Catfish search page and choose a search type. You can enter a Tinder username or upload an image to start searching.

2) It may take a few seconds to complete the searc

2) It may take a few seconds to complete the search. Once done, unlock the full report and get useful information you need.

2. Spokeo

2. Spokeo

With billions of public records from Spokeo, you can virtually investigate any dating profiles. By entering his/her Tinder username, you’ll get a full report about the person, including name, age, telephone numbers, address, workplace, criminal records, marital status, and more.

1) Go to the Spokeo username search page.

2) Type a username and click Search Now.

3) Wait for a few seconds. Spokeo will scan across

3) Wait for a few seconds. Spokeo will scan across 120+ social sites to match the person you’re looking for and gives you all the available information.

3. Google Image Search

3. Google Image Search

Scammers usually create fake Tinder profiles with the photos scoured online. That makes it possible for you to track someone down by image. Simply take a screenshot of their profile photos, and use Google Images to check the photo source. If it’s a stock image or it’s from a famous person or associated with another name or account that doesn’t match up, you know for sure this Tinder profile is fake.



The Ad Bot

This would consist of a bot sending forth messages containing promotional content for a specific product or service, in the hopes that you would feel inspired to buy them if they came from a person who you deemed to be attractive.

The Blackmail Scam

This will be an actual person and not a bot. This person will build a fictitious relationship with you so that they can encourage you to engage in an action that could ruin your life and then proceed to take screenshots to attempt to blackmail you for money.


If you aren’t getting any matches there are a ton of reasons why you aren’t receiving any matches.

If your account has any similarities with a fake user, its detering girls from right swiping.

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How to Report a Fake Tinder Profile

Already matched:

  1. Press the red flag in the top right corner

2. Press ‘report and unmatch

3. Press ‘feels like spam

Before swiping:

1. Scroll to the bottom of their profile and press ‘report ’

  1. Press ‘feels like spam’

Are There A Lot Of Fake Profiles On Tinder?

For any dating app to work, they need to have users. If there are no users, then there is no point in swiping for an extended period. Tinder used to have this issue early on.

However, nowadays, they are the most popular mobile dating app worldwide. They don’t have an issue with not having enough users.

However, there may be issues in certain areas where not enough people are using the app, so Tinder may put fake profiles to make it look like there are many users in that area.

If you live near a city, there shouldn’t be any issues running into fake profiles. If you live in a rural area, there’s a greater chance of seeing bots show up in your card stack.

What to Do When Youve Spotted a Fake Account

When you’ve spotted a fake account, or come across a bot, you may be considering what to do. While it might not be clear, the first, primary step is also the most obvious one: you should report and unmatch the account so that they can’t talk to you anymore. You don’t have to have matched an account to report them, though you can also report accounts you have been matched with as well. To report a potential bot or fraud account, go to their profile. Tap on the menu icon on your display (it will appear as an ellipse, a horizontal triple-dotted icon) and select Report. You’ll quickly be asked to fill out why you’re reporting the user, but overall, the process only lasts a few moments and is relatively easy to finish.

Note that if you plan to report AND unmatch, you need to report first – if you just unmatch, you won’t have any way of accessing the other account in order to report it.

The same goes for unmatching users. If you’re unsure whether the user contacting you is committing account fraud, you can still unmatch (and report) the user. Just as discussed above with the reporting method, tapping on the triple-dotted menu icon will load the option to unmatch an account. You aren’t necessarily limited to only unmatching or only reporting, so if you feel you’re in a situation that you need to do both, go right ahead.  However, you should be careful when reporting. If you report too many accounts that aren’t actually bots or false users, you may find your ability to report users limited by Tinder. Blocking can be done as much as you feel comfortable doing.

One tip: if you are talking with a fake account, don’t get into an argument with them about them being fake. It may be very tempting to unleash all of your dating frustration on a basically anonymous source but it is not worth it. Some of the smarter scammers out there, confronted by an accusation of being fake, will immediately report YOUR account as being fake. Since they have dozens or hundreds of accounts, none of which they really care about, while you have only one account which you DO care about, playing “chicken” like this is not a good strategy for you. Just leave the conversation, report them to Tinder, and move on.


Here are some tips on how to spot Fake profiles.


Tinder is still working on pushing out a verification option to all users.

It’s currently testing in a few selected countries.

A user needs to upload a selfie that isn’t shared in their profile to receive verification.

Verified profiles will show a blue checkmark on their account so you know right away that it’s the real deal.

Down in Florida, I’ve only seen a few verified profiles.

It’s from tourists.


Although not the most reliable way of verifying a real account.

Taking a look at the accounts bio and seeing whether they have a bio will give you a bit of an idea.

Although there are some people who create accounts and may not fill out their bio due to not knowing what to put.

Some bots may have a bio but their bio may say something like: “Looking for partner 123 to do kinky 456 but stuff 7890. Hope you get the message ;)”  

Here’s the thing if it looks too good to be true it most likely is, even more so with anything online.


As a guy, most girls aren’t going to open you.

They expect you to start the conversation.

Bots will most of the time message you first.

While it’s not uncommon for a girl to send a first message, it’s something to look out for if there are other red flags.

Lookout for an initial message with a phone number, snap, or website URL.

If you receive a general message, it will look something like this.

“Hey cutie, You’re cute ;)”

If you are a guy the bots will message you first, oftentimes giving you a phone number to text. Some may even start the message with

Once you respond to the initial message, the bot will respond with something generic.

Again in the messaging aspect… If it’s too good to be true….


Say you do match with a bot and start messaging.

Oftentimes the bots will have responses queued up that send right away.

Have you used a website that has an automated messenger? It’s like that.

But instead of you filling out the prompts for a response, it’s automatic.

Use your judgement on this one, and gauge the response time.

If it takes less than a few seconds for a response on all the messages, it’s a red flag.


Some fake profiles will often try and lure you to another site to continue the conversation.

Check out their naughty video she made for you…

For safety reasons keep your messaging on Tinder.

If you are certain the user you’re chatting with is the real thing.

Then look to transfer it to Snapchat or other means of messaging.


If you have spent any time on the internet, spam messages are no strangers to you. 

You receive them in your email, messages on social media.

Tinder is no exception to this. 

Messages with suspicious looking links. 

These will oftentimes be obvious but even some links won’t be so obvious( 

Again this is going to be at the discretion of each user, swipe with caution.

Take a look at this conversation I ended up having with a scammer.

The website linked wants me to pay to ensure I’m real.

It tracked my IP to show where I’m located at.

And says the girl’s address will unlock if I pay….

Don’t fall for this


Most fake profiles have pixelated or low resolution photos.

The pictures aren’t even the correct size for Tinder.

Real Tinder users range from  average to above average photo quality.

This is even if they use a cheap or low end smartphone.

If you are afraid of looking like a Fake Profile, check out my article on Tinder Pictures


Across my time on Tinder, most fake profiles I’ve seen have less than 3 pictures.

They are often of model caliber girls. Be very wary of these accounts as they are rarely a real person.

Oftentimes fake profiles are going to have 1 photo used. Keep this in mind when you are swiping.


The classic, “If you want to see more send a tip to my venmo account”.

It’s not uncommon to find an instagram model online and use her photos to lure guys into sending money.

After getting the money, the scammer will never respond.

Or will send another “pic” asking for more money to see more.

I shouldn’t have to say this but if someone online that you’ve never met is requesting money.

Don’t hand out “tips” and get your hopes up with the likelihood of it going south.


Like the Venhoes,

You will come across many accounts that will be advertising social media accounts.

To gain followers.

These are the lesser of two evils as they are not scamming money out of your wallet.


These are going to be the more difficult accounts to identify as fake accounts.

often times these accounts are going to be ran by someone who is searching for someone who gullible 

They want to build a connection so that they can manipulate you,

Either mentally or to take your money


Tinder is a safe platform, but you need to stay alert while communicating with a stranger. Before you develop a relationship, make sure to do some digging with a professional people search tool like Spokeo or BeenVerified and determine the validity of a person’s Tinder profile. When you feel something fishy, trust your intuition.Remember that it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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