How to tell if you are getting too high on weed

1. First-Timers

If it’s your first time smoking then it is certainly possible to not get high. In fact, it takes some people multiple times to get the effect. I personally didn’t feel high until my 3rd time smoking. If you’re new to smoking then you sometimes just have to give it a little bit of time. Why does this occur? Well, there are several theories:

  1. It’s possible that you aren’t smoking correctly since you’re new to this. For this reason, make sure you read the rest of the article. Not inhaling properly is a common reason, and it’s covered in the next section. If everything else in this article aligns correctly then it’s possible it could be one of these other theories for first-timers not getting high.
  2. Weed contains cannabinoids that react with cannabinoid receptors throughout out brains and the rest of our bodies for that matter. Our bodies naturally produce cannabinoids but at very low levels. Some believe that it takes a few times of cannabis use in order to fully activate your receptors.
  3. Lastly, it could be more of a psychological hindrance. That is, you may be overthinking the process and/or anxious about the situation which is causing you to have a mental block on the experience. Just try to relax and enjoy it.


2) Getting Wasted on Edibles

There’s nothing like a good weed brownie high, but for the impulsive or uninitiated it can go south on you unless you exercise due caution. It can take a while for an edible high to kick in – from a minimum of half an hour to two hours or more for the full effects to manifest, depending on your metabolism and how much you had to eat prior – so if you do want to get blazingly higher on pot edibles, then eat them on an empty stomach or having had very little to eat. Be aware that medible highs can sneak up on you, thus if you keep eating while the waiting game for the high to kick in then you can suddenly take off like a rocket into the stratosphere without meaning to get that high and find yourself in downward spiral… in your living room… in front of people! Yikes! That’s a good sign for you to find out how to get unhigh, and fast.

Edibles made from hash or other concentrates will also get you very, very high. You can melt BHO (butane hash oil) or other concentrates in with a stick of butter to create super-concentrated butter that you can bake in a recipe or add to food for mega-medicated munchies. You can find some fast recipes to get you super-high right here in our ‘How to Make Edibles in Less than 30 Minutes – the Ultimate Guide’ blog, feel free to check them out!

Caffeine and weed can be a powerful combination, we personally like a little cannabutter in our morning coffee. With a stimulating sativa weed strain, coffee can increase the energizing effects – but could also add to the nervous jitteriness that people sometimes feel when ingesting or smoking a sativa to get high. With an indica, coffee can actually counteract the sleepiness some stoners settle into like an exceedingly comfy couch. And maybe having coffee with a hybrid is like just having coffee, try it and see the entourage effects. But a lot of coffee with a lot of weed would probably seriously exaggerate the above effects – boosting a sativa high and sobering an indica. It would be a good plan to know how to get unhigh fast after this.

You could also smoke a doobie or weed pipe at the same time or shortly after eating some cannabis edibles but do so at your own risk! THC will accumulate in your body whether it is smoked or eaten and your poor brain could get seriously fried!

 Once you are into the waiting game after eating so

Once you are into the waiting game after eating some edible and you decided to kill time having some smoke in between the high chicks in, you can decide to do it thanks to this “Marley Natural Taster Bat”

No one would resist the nice and practical design of this hand pipe!

9) Cold Shower Cannabis Cure

Cold showers can increase both endorphins and circulation, focus your brain and help stop being high. It has certainly been commonly used when someone is horny and their significant other is unwilling or unavailable for sex. Unless you have a cold or a fever, a cold shower is a good way to send a shock to your system, physically and mentally, to help sober you up. You don’t need to stay under the shivery spray of the shower long enough to develop hypothermia, just a few minutes should pay dividends in waking you from your weedy stupor. Once you get out, post-shower you’ll start to warm back up and some of your highness may return, but in this waiting game, you can institute one or more of the previous techniques to further beat down your buzz.

A less extreme version of a cold shower would be splashing icy water in your face.

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How Long Will It Take To End a Bad High?

Other than Kentucky Fried eyeballs and dry mouth, you’re probably feeling some unwanted feels you didn’t expect when you took that superhuman hit off the bowl. Know that you’re not alone. Many cannabis users experience what they call a “bad high,” and you’re just one of a distinguished group of individuals who seek the holy grail to counteract this wonky experience.

How long it takes for you to banish this bad high depends on a lot of factors, such as: 

  • The potency of the weed you smoked 
  • How much you ingested (i.e. dab, smoke, or edible)
  • Whether you already had food in your stomach
  • Your regular frequency of smoking or ingesting cannabis
  • Your metabolism 
  • Whether you drank alcohol or took any other substances along with the cannabis

With that in mind, it’s hard to determine exactly how long you’ll be feeling the effects of cannabis. A high can last for an hour or two, or much longer, depending on the variables we mentioned above. Wherever you’re at in the process though, you can definitely try a few different methods to ease through a bad weed high.


Getting too high on THC is not fun. Exceeding your limit can cause you to feel paranoid, anxious, and nauseous among other things. Luckily, there are many methods for counteracting the effects of being too high on weed.

Method 1: Black Peppercorn

Black peppercorn is not only common in a household but is an effective ingredient in toning down the high from weed. According to a 2011 review from the British Journal of Pharmacology, black peppercorns have terpenes in them that seem to tone down the psychoactive effects of THC.

Try grinding some fresh black pepper and mix it in some water. After drinking this you should start to feel some relief.

Method 2: Counteract with CBD

Decades of research have proven that cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive cannabinoid abundantly found in the weed plant, can reduce THC-induced anxiety and paranoia. CBD has the ability to block THC from binding with the cannabinoid receptors in your brain which reduces its psychoactive effects. CBD is currently being used clinically as a treatment for psychosis which suggests it may help you come down from an intense, cerebral high.

CBD comes in many different forms, therefore, it is recommended to try a few different products to figure out what works most effectively for you.

More research is needed to reaffirm the synergistic effects between THC and CBD, however, integrating a high-CBD strain or some CBD oil into your next smoke session could be effective means to avoid too strong of a high.

Method 3: Eat a Heavy Meal

Eating fatty foods while stoned may not just be a symptom of the munchies, it can also help reduce the effects of THC. After THC hits your bloodstream, it seeks to quickly penetrate and bind to fatty tissue. Eating fatty foods will influence cannabinoids to bind and metabolize faster, leaving you with a less intense high.

Method 4: Drink Water

Drinking water can help you feel calmer when you are too high. The reason is that it can help you focus your racing mind on something simple and familiar, sipping and swallowing. Drinking water will also help you hydrate. It will mitigate some of the negative side effects of taking in too much cannabis, including dry mouth.

Some people might also consider drinking juice in this scenario, however, be mindful about what kind of juice you choose as they are not all equal. Mangoes contain myrcene, which is a terpenoid that has the ability to enhance and extend the effects of THC.

Method 5: Take Some Ibuprofen

Ingesting a dose of ibuprofen can slow down the effects from being too high. Ibuprofen is proven to reduce the negative side effects of THC based upon recent studies. It found that certain anti-inflammatory medications, which include ibuprofen, have the ability to negate the negative cerebral effects of THC.

Method 6: Orange or Lemon Zest

Citrus fruit rinds contain the terpenoid limonene. Research shows that limonene may provide calming effects. Chewing on a citrus peel like a lemon or orange will help you become calmer if you are feeling anxious due to high doses of THC. Some people may suggest you drink the juice of an orange or lemon if you have consumed too much THC, however, the amount of limonene in these juices is rather small compared to the rinds.

Biting into the rind of an orange or lemon may be quite bitter, but it is perfectly safe and very healthy. Oranges and lemon rinds are not only full of limonene, but also minerals, vitamins, and fiber. Rather than consuming the entire rind try using just the zest of the peel. Add some lemon or orange zest to your beverage of choice or add it to a meal or just eat it plain.

Method 7: Remember That This Feeling is Temporary

If you get too high from weed, it is quite common to panic and conclude that the high may last forever. Try to remember that the feeling of being high is just temporary. What you want to do is calm down, relax, take a deep breath and just wait until the effects wear off. You are going to feel like your old self again as the THC high fades.

Method 8: Engage In Cardio Exercise

If a high dose of THC has your mind racing, try doing some cardio exercise. Endorphins are released during cardiovascular activity which will encourage relaxation, an elevation in mood, and general calmness. Cardio exercise is definitely a solid technique for sobering up from THC, make sure to listen to your body. If you are feeling nauseous then perhaps it is best to lay down and do an easier activity that still can be stimulating.

Method 9: Distract Yourself

Doing something that will take your attention away from being high is the best way to pass the time until you feel sober again. Try doing an activity that is easy, stimulating, and rewarding. Try several different activities to find what works best for you. Good examples include watching a movie, listening to some music, playing board games, playing a musical instrument, or talking with a good friend.

Method 10: Take a Shower or a Bath

If you are in the comfort of your home, taking a warm shower or bath will encourage you to calm down. Being immersed in warm water is very relaxing and can help slow down any negative thoughts or feelings.

You can also try taking a cold shower, which can be especially beneficial if you are very anxious or feeling panicked. According to research, taking a cold shower for a minute or two engages a response of deep breathing. This action will increase oxygen levels and cardiac function, which lowers blood pressure and improves circulation, resulting in a calmer mind and body.

Method 11: Sleep

Sleep can be helpful when you have gone overboard with weed. Your body repairs and regenerates itself when you sleep. Also, sleep is a great way to basically skip through time until you are no longer high.

If sleeping is not coming easily to you, try focusing on closing your eyes while taking deep breaths. If your mind is able to relax, let yourself drift off to sleep. If you cannot fall asleep, then just laying down can still help promote relaxation.