I am not getting paid enough for what I do

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3. Starbucks

“I worked at a Starbucks in a grocery store and a customer got mad because she wanted a drink cold but it was served hot (the girl taking her order was new and didn’t ask her if she wanted hot or cold, I was making the drinks so went with what was on the cup) so she threw it at me, while still freshly hot. Burned my face down to my stomach. I was 5 months pregnant. I quit a week later.”


Your Value

Another way to determine whether you are earning what you are worth is to figure out what you would charge if you struck out on your own. If you could bill hourly for the work you do, what would that rate be?

To be sure, freelancers and consultants typically charge more for their work because they are responsible for their own overhead costs. But if you earn $25 per hour for work which your company charges its clients $150 an hour, you may have an argument for a raise.

If your earnings do seem in line with your hourly rate, consider increasing your skills with management training, an online course or adult education. By adding new abilities to your resume, you will be able to strengthen your case for a salary bump.

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