Is you and me correct?

1. Prepositions

If something is happening at, for, with, by, to, from, between, beside, against, on, in, etc. someone, we need to use me (or him, her, us, them).For example,

  • Those jerks laughed at you and me when we slipped and fell.
  • Mom baked these cookies for you and me.
  • Let’s keep this embarrassing secret between you and me.


As object

Use you and me instead of you and I in the position of object in a sentence.

  • Won’t they give a chance to explain?
  • This document needs to be signed by .

Where you would use me instead of I, use you and me, not you and I. Example They must give /me more time to sort this out. Me works here, not I. They must give / you and me more time to sort this out.

You and me is the grammatical object of both prepositions and verbs.

As object of a verb

Use you and me rather than you and I as the object of a verb in a sentence (as you would use the pronoun me instead of I).

  • They will send to prison for this.
  • They want to be the scapegoats.
  • They have invited to submit our applications.
  • Imagine at the top of Mt. Everest.

In sentences where a gerund clause is the object, use you and me, not you and I.

  • Imagine climbing Mt. Everest together.
  • I miss working together.

In formal usage, the possessive form is used with a gerund clause (your and my rather than you and me), but never a subject pronoun (never you and I). Example Incorrect: Imagine working together. Acceptable: Imagine working together. Formal: Imagine working together.

As object of a preposition

Also use you and me as the object of a preposition (in, of, by, with, etc.).

  • Look at this old photo of !
  • This story was written by in school.
  • Why can’t they just leave the gold here with ?
  • Between , I don’t believe a word he says.
  • It is as though this song were written for .


Grammatically, you and I should be used as the subject and you and me as the object. However, the use of you and I in the position of object is becoming increasingly common as a result of hypercorrection. Having heard that you and I is correct, some speakers mistakenly use it even in the object position in a sentence. (Hypercorrection is a grammatical error that occurs from an attempt at being grammatically correct.)

  • Poor: Lulu has invited to the party. Better: Lulu has invited to the party.
  • Poor: They expect to solve this problem. Better: They expect to solve this problem.

Is It “Between You And Me” Or “Between You And I”?

The phrase “between you and me” gets a little harder. Many people believe the same rules should apply, and thus “between you and I” is a correct phrase. However, this is not the case. In fact, it’s never correct to use “between you and I.” If you’re going to say the phrase at all, you have to say “between you and me” if you want to make sure you’re correct every time.

The subject of the verb will always be taken by the subjective pronoun, which means “I,” is used in this sense. However, to work “between” into a sentence, you have to make sure it is an object and not a verb subject. For this reason, the objective pronoun “me” is the only way you can write “between you and me.” If anyone tells you otherwise, you should refer them to this article to help them out!

She/her, he/him, they/them

Just like I and me, other personal pronouns also function either as the subject or the object in a sentence. He, she, and they are subject pronouns; him, her, and them are object pronouns.

  • Subject: are getting married.
  • Subject: and need a break from each other.
  • Object: I brought a gift for .
  • Object: Shall we buy separate gifts for and ?

Remember to look at the pronoun by itself to judge whether to use he/she/they or him/her/them.

  • Subject: She/ and I have plans tonight.
  • Object: They have sent /her and me a card.
  • Subject: Maya and they/ are responsible for this.
  • Object: This is for Maya and /them, not you.

Traditional Distinction Between “You and I” vs. “You and Me”

In order to see what’s changed, we have to understand the traditional way of differentiating these two phrase according to the grammar books. One thing is certain: You and I is not the same thing as you and me (similar case as who and whom).

You and I like our new neighbors.

Our new neighbors like you and me.

The convention says that you and I serves as a subject, and functions much like the pronoun we. On the other hand, you come across the phrase you and me as an object, just like the pronoun us. Usually, the English language requires the subject-verb-object construction. That’s why you’ll most likely find you and I at the beginning of the sentence, and you and me towards the end.

They’re not interchangeable:

like our new neighbors.

Our new neighbors like

Grammatically speaking, this would be the same as to say:

Her likes our new neighbors. (Instead of she)Our new neighbors like he. (Instead of him)
Subject Pronoun Object Pronoun
Pronouns that Change I, he, she, we, they Me, him, her, us, them
Pronouns that Don’t Change you (singular & plural), it you (singular & plural), it

You can adapt all rules and recommendations for you and I / you and me for different constructions of different persons:

  • She and I versus me and her
  • He and I versus me and him
  • They and I versus me and them

Your father and I go shopping.

You can come to me and my wife.

Too Correct to Be True: Only Using “You and I”

Since not adhering to the traditional distinction has been a tendency for a while already, there is a counter-tendency of people who want to sound more educated or intelligent. They consider the form you and I to be the only correct one and use it more and more often. This resulted in an inflationary usage of the phrase (called hypercorrection) and in the reduced usage of its counterpart:

Our boss should have spoken to you and I.

This tendency can also be observed in music. The following chorus lines normally would say you and me.

💿 “Yoü & I” by Lady Gaga 💿

… (Something), something, something about my cool Nebraska guy

Yeah something about baby you and I

Song 2: “Yoü & I” by Lady Gaga

Unfortunately, you and me wouldn’t rhyme with guy.

💿 “You & I” by One Direction 💿

…Not even the Gods above Can separate the two of us No, nothing can come between you and I

Song 3: “You & I” by One Direction

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