When life is hard

When life is hard

When life is hard

Nobody would be blamed if they felt like giving up when the going gets tough. Everybody has that feeling at least once in their life – I can’t do this any more. I want to give up.

It doesn’t matter what the situation is. Just look at what is happening right now and accept what is going on. We live in our heads a lot of the time and trust me your mind can make you think a lot of crazy things. Our minds like to have control of everything and if we don’t have that control we start screaming inside, in the same way as children scream if we don’t give them what they want.

The problem begins when we start listening to the screaming in our heads and we believe what our mind is saying. So why do you don’t look around with a clear mind and acknowledge what you have achieved already. The danger is that your mind is trying to convince you that you are a loser and an unworthy person.

Very often when we try new stuff it takes courage, patience and discipline. Everybody has all of this but it is so much easier to just give up. For example, it’s easier to sleep longer, go for a drink with friend or watch a movie. It is easy to give up when we a hundred rejections when applying for jobs.

In moments when things are hard it’s nice if you have supportive people around who will tell you how well you’re doing. If you don’t have the support of other people take time and look for stuff that you do well and say thanks to yourself and appreciate what you do. I love taking a piece of paper and writing down my appreciation for myself in this way I see it clearly when I have written down those thoughts. It helps me to keep those good thoughts together when they’re written down. In this way they don’t get lost in my internal dialogue.

When I have made a list of things that I do well I just sit with that and appreciate it. Afterwards I look at my situation and just accept what it is. When I have done this I often find a solution of how to carry on.

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